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Finding a great book cover designer used to be really hard.

But not anymore! Here’s our list of 187 of the best book cover designers in the world.

List of Book Cover Designers

Note: The pricing, turnaround times, and types of designs done vary from one designer to another, so don’t just hire the first cover designer you look at.

Make sure the designer you decide to work with has designed books for your specific genre or niche before, and that they’re comfortable designing a cover in the style you’re looking for. For example, some designers only do photo manipulation with Photoshop, while others do much more advanced illustration work.

1. 1106design

Website: www.1106design.com

2. Damonza

Website: www.damonza.com

Damonza Sample Cover


3. Ebook Launch Cover Design

Website: www.ebooklaunch.com

4. JD Smith Design

Website: www.jdsmith-design.co.uk



5. 17 Studio Book Design

Website: www.17studiobookdesign.com

6. Derek Murphy at Creativindie Book Covers

Website: www.bookcovers.creativindie.com

We interviewed Derek Murphy about how to design a bestselling book cover, so definitely check out that interview to learn more about book cover design principles and strategy, even if you don’t plan to hire Derek.

7. Books Covered

Website: www.bookscovered.co.uk

8. BookCoverCafe

Website: www.bookcovercafe.com

9. Extended Imagery

Website: www.extendedimagery.com

Extended Imagery

10. Jessica Bell Design

Website: www.jessicabelldesign.com


11. Cover Design Studio

Website: www.coverdesignstudio.com

12. Robin Ludwig Design

Website: www.gobookcoverdesign.com

13. Mars Dorian

Website: www.marsdorian.com

14. Ebook Launch

Website: www.ebooklaunch.com

eBook Launch



15. The Book Cover Whisperer

Website: www.professionalbookcoverdesign.com

16. Syd Gill

Website: www.sydgill.com

17. Alexandra Brandt

Website: www.alexandrajbrandt.com

Alexandra Brandt



Website: www.beautebook.com

19. Fiona Raven

Website: www.fionaraven.com

20. Scarlett Rugers Book Design Agency

Reedsy: https://reedsy.com/scarlett-rugers

21. Book Design

Website: www.books-design.com

22. Karrie Ross Book Cover Designer

Website: www.bookcoverdesigner.com

23. Streetlight Graphics

Website: www.streetlightgraphics.com

24. I do book covers

Website: www.idobookcovers.com

25. Covertopia

Website: www.covertopia.com

26. Bailey Designs Books

Website: www.baileydesignsbooks.com

27. Vision Press

Website: www.myvisionpress.com

28. Kindle Station

Website: www.kindlestation.com

29. Indigo

Website: www.designbyindigo.com

30. Candescent Press

Website: www.candescentpress.co.uk

31. Joshua Jadon

Website: www.joshuajadon.com

32. Duncan Long

Website: www.duncanlong.com

33. Junriel Boquecosa

Website: www.jboquecosa.wix.com

34. Epicenter Creative

Website: www.epicentercreative.com

35. Eden Graphics

Website: www.edengraphics.net

36. Kingwood Creations

Website: www.kingwoodcreations.com

37. DesignOnClick.com

Website: www.designonclick.com

38. Hampton Lamoureux

Website: www.ts95studios.com

39. Grace My Cover

Website: www.gracemycanvas.com

40. WordSugar Designs

Website: www.wordsugardesigns.com

41. The Book Cover Designer

Website: www.thebookcoverdesigner.com

42. McCann

Website: www.ebook-coverdesigns.com

43. Bienvenido A. Swinton Jr.

Website: www.vlood.portfoliolounge.com

44. Sanja Gombar

Website: www.bookcoverforyou.com

45. WSDG Book Design

Website: www.wsdgbooks.com

46. Burak Ulker

Website: www.burakulker.deviantart.com

47. Breeze Books

Website: www.breeze-books.com

48. Hudson Valley Book Design

Website: www.hudsonvalleybookdesign.com

49. Elena Dudina

Website: www.elenadudina.com

50. dePinho Design

Website: www.depinhodesign.com

51. Sam Wall

Website: www.samwall.com

52. Van Garde Imagery

Website: www.van-garde.com

53. Dissect Design

Website: www.dissectdesigns.com

54. Andrea Reider

Website: www.andreareider.com

55. Dave Kessler

Website: www.davekesslerdesign.com

56. Nico Illustration and Book Cover Design

Website: www.nicofineart.com

57. Life Guide

Website: www.goodlifeguide.com

58. Michelle Watts

Freelanced profile: www.freelanced.com/michellewatts

59. Fiction-Atlas Press LLC

Website: www.fiction-atlas.com

60. MaryDes

Website: www.bookcoverdesigns.eu

61. MoreVisual

Website: www.thebookcoverdesigners.com

62. The Frontispiece

Website: www.thefrontispiece.com

63. Hyde Book Design

Website: www.henryhyde.co.uk

64. Duffy

Website: www.lauraduffydesign.com

65. River Book Cover Design Fiction and Non-fiction

Website: www.riverdesignbooks.com

66. Fantasy Book Cover Design

Website: www.fantasybookcoverdesign.com

67. W.S.D.G. Book Design

Website: www.wsdgbooks.com

68. MIBL Art

Website: www.miblart.com

69. Working Type Studio

Website: www.workingtype.com.au

70. Lance Buckley Design

Website: www.lancebuckley.com

71. Hidden Gems Book Cover Design

Website: www.hiddengemsbooks.com

72. I Love My Cover

Website: www.ilovemycover.com

73. Juan Padron

Website: www.juanjpadron.com

74. Clarity Book Cover Design

Website: www.claritybookcoverdesigns.com

75. Greg Simanson Design

Website: www.simansondesign.com

76. Book Covers For You

Website: www.bookcoversforyou.com

77. Aidana WillowRaven

Website: www.willowraven-weebly-com

78. Lopez, Graphic Designer

Website: www.sandrasdesigns.wixsite.com

79. Rocking Book Covers

Website: www.rockingbookcovers.com

80. Jon Stubbington – Artist and illustrator

Website: www.jonstubbington.com

81. Cover to Upload

Website: www.covertoupload.com

82. Premade Ebook Cover Shop

Website: www.premadeebookcovershop.com

83. Covermint Design

Website: www.covermint.design

84. Authors On A Dime

Website: www.authorsonadime.com

85. Stephanie Queen

Website: www.stephaniequeen.com

86. Phoenix Moirai

Website: www.phoenixmoirai.com

87. MAP Systems

Website: www.mapsystemsindia.com

88. Professional cover design services | PGBS

Website: www.proglobalbusinesssolutions.com

89. Zoe Norvell

Website: www.zoenorvell.com

90. Nelson Suit

Website: www.wordcaper.com

91. Van-garde Imagenary, Inc.

Website: www.van-garde.com

92. Tugboat Design

Website: www.tugboatdesign.net

93. Torrie Cooney

Website: www.torriecooney.com

94. Steve Brown IIlustration

Website: www.stevebrownillustration.co.uk

95. Stephen Hickman

Website: www.stephenhickman.com

96. Splendid Photography

Website: www.splendidphotography.co.uk

97. So Loud Media

Website: www.soloudmedia.com

98. Six Penny Graphics

Website: www.sixpennygraphics.com

99. Sinem Erkas

Website: www.sinemerkas.com

100. Sara Wood

Website: www.sara-wood.com

101. Elaine Gignilliant

Website: www.romancebookcoverart.com

102. P.S. Brooks

Website: www.psbrooks.com

103. The Painter’s Keys

Website: www.painterskeys.com

104. Ness Graphica

Website: www.nessgraphica.com

105. Mindstir Media

Website: www.mindstirmedia.com

106. Longfeather Book Design

Website: www.longfeatherbookdesign.com

107. Lizzy Bromley

Website: www.lizzybromley.com

108. KS Designers

Website: www.ksdesigners.com

109. Kirsten Shiel

Website: www.kirstenshiel.com

110. JudgebymyCovers

Website: www.judgebymycovers.com

111. Jimmy Ball

Website: www.jimmyball.com

112. Jennifer Heuer

Website: www.jenniferheuer.com

113. Jennifer Carrow Design

Website: www.jennifercarrow.com

114. JD&J Book Cover Design

Website: www.jdandj.com

115. Janet Hansen

Website: www.janet-hansen.com

116. Jacolyn Wingo

Website: www.jacolynwingo.com

117. Jaad Book Design

Website: www.jaadbookdesign.com

118. Isabel Urbina Pena

Website: www.isabelurbinapena.com

119. Indie Designz

Website: www.indiedesignz.com

120. Illumination Graphics

Website: www.illuminationgraphics.com

121. Hoehne-Werner Design

Website: www.heyneon.com

122. RLD

Website: www.gobookcoverdesign.com

123. Howard David Johnson

Website: www.howarddavidjohnson.com

124. Freado

Website: www.freado.com

125. Expert Subjects

Website: www.expertsubjects.com

126. Emily Stepp

Website: www.emilystepp.com

127. Emily Mahon

Website: www.emilymahon.com

128. Elena Giavaldi

Website: www.elenagiavaldi.com

129. Elder Lemon Design

Website: www.elderlemondesign.com

130. Erin Fitzsimmons

Website: www.efitzdesign.com

131.Dunn Associates

Website: www.dunn-design.com

132. Duck of All Trades

Website: www.duckofalltrades.com

133. Albertine Book Design

Website: www.dotdesign.net

134. Dean Harkness

Website: www.deanharkness.co.uk

135. Partners & Crime Mystery Booksellers

Website: www.crimepays.com

136. Creative Paramita

Website: www.creativeparamita.com

137. Your Dreams

Website: www.coveryourdreams.net

138. Cover to Cover Designs

Website: www.covertocoverdesigns.com

139. Cover Quill

Website: www.coverquill.com

140. Cover&Layout

Website: www.coverandlayout.com

141. Skeats

Website: www.clareskeats.co.uk

142. Casalino Design Inc

Website: www.catherinecasalino.com

143. Ana Grigoriu

Website: www.books-design.com

144. Bookfly Design

Website: www.bookflydesign.com

145. Book Cover Models

Website: www.bookcovermodels.com

146. Book Cover Express

Website: www.bookcoverexpress.com

147. Anne Jordan

Website: www.annatype.com

148. Allison Saltzman

Website: www.allisonsaltzman.com

149. Alison Forner Design

Website: www.alisonforner.com

150. Aldrich Design

Website: www.aldrichdesign.com

151. Abacus Graphics

Website: www.abacusgraphics.com

152. Themes by bavotasan.com

Website: www.themes.bavotasan.com

153. Sara Lynn Cramb

Website: www.saralynncreative.com

154. RavenFire Media

Website: www.raelori.wix.com

155. Peculiar Perspective Design

Website: www.peculiarperspective.wix.com

156. Mayfly Design

Website: www.mayflydesign.com

157. Lucy Ruth Cummins

Website: www.lucyruthcummins.squarespace.com

158. Linda Huang

Website: www.linda-huang.com

159. Bookwise Design

Website: www.bookwisedesign.com

160. Kisscut Design

Website: www.kisscutdesign.com

161. Kimberly Glyder

Website: www.kimberlyglyder.com

162. Kelly Blair

Website: www.kellyblair.com

163. Karen Horton

Website: www.karen-horton.squarespace.com

164. Jo Walker Book Design

Website: www.jowalkerbookdesign.tumblr.com

165. Joan Wong

Website: www.joan-wong.com

166. Jessica Sullivan Design

Website: www.jessicasullivandesign.com

167. Jenny Grigg

Website: www.jennygrigg.com

168. Jaya Miceli

Website: www.jayamiceli.com

169. Ingrid Paulson

Website: www.ingridpaulson.com

170. Humble Nations

Website: www.humblenations.com

171. Gabriele Wilson

Website: www.gabrielewilson.com

172. Extended Imagery

Website: www.extendedimagery.com

173. Ebook Covers

Website: www.ebookindiecovers.com

174. Duncan Long

Website: www.duncanlong.com

175. Designs By Charisma

Website: www.designsbycharisma.yolasite.com

176. Dave Dorman

Website: www.davedorman.com

177. Charlotte Strick

Website: www.charlottestrick.com

178. Coralie Bickford-Smith

Website: www.cb-smith.com

179. Eleanor Crow

Website: www.cargocollective.com

180. Cabin

Website: www.cabinlondon.co.uk

181. The Book Design House

Website: www.thebookdesignhouse.com

182. Book Covers ForAll

Website: www.bookcoversforall.com

183. Barbara de Wilde

Website: www.barbaradewilde.com

184. Anaphora Literary Press

Website: www.anaphoraliterary.com

185. 99designs

Website: www.99designs.com

186. 2Faced Design

Website: www.2faceddesign.com

187. Reedsy

Website: www.reedsy.com

Reedsy is actually a marketplace that connects authors with cover designers (as well as editors, book marketers, and other service providers). However, their designers are top-notch, so check them out if you don’t find a designer you like from this list.

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