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Wondering what to wear this Halloween? Try looking to your favorite literary characters for inspiration!

Whether you’re in need of a creative costume for your office’s Halloween party or you’re helping your kid prepare for their school’s dress-up day, these 16 unique costume ideas will help you find the perfect match.

Book Character Costumes on Amazon

These costume ideas are inspired by some of our favorite book characters. Many are available online, but most can also make for fun DIY projects, which can be adapted for both kids and adults.

Alice in Wonderland

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Price: $25.50

Get tea party-ready with this complete Alice in Wonderland costume, which comes with Alice’s signature blue dress, apron, and hair ribbon. To finish the look, just add some white nylons, black flats, and a tea pot!

Alternatively, you can turn this costume into a fun DIY project and use pieces you already have at home. Try this no-sew tutorial from My Sister’s Suitcase, which can easily be adapted for both kids and adults.

Queen of Hearts

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Price: $26.04

Who knew the Queen of Hearts could be so adorable? This costume, available on Amazon, features a beautifully designed red and black dress with gold detail.

Note that the crown and wand are not included, but you can easily find these items at your local party supply or costume store.

Or, you can create your own Queen of Hearts costume at home!

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All you need is a red dress, a deck of cards, and red lipstick! Use this video tutorial to create a fabulous collar from a set of playing cards.

The Cat in the Hat

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Price: $34.99

Channel the iconic Cat in the Hat with this costume inspired by the adored Dr. Seuss character. The kit, available on Amazon, comes with the trademark striped hat, oversized bowtie, and a full bodysuit (tail included, of course!).

Or, try creating your own costume at home with this simple tutorial that uses items you probably already have at home. This tutorial can be used to create costumes for both kids and adults.

Little Red Riding Hood

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Price: $49.99

Play Little Red Riding Hood for the day with this beautifully-detailed costume, which is available for both children and adults.

This costume, available on Amazon, includes a red dress styled as a vest, skirt, and apron over a blouse. It also includes a cape and a tie. Complete the look by pairing the outfit with white socks, black flats, and a basket (to take to Grandmother’s house, of course!).

Curious George

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Price: $19.05

This adorable Curious George costume features a full-body romper and headpiece sized for newborns, infants, and babies up to 12 months in age.

This item is an officially licensed Curious George costume.

Where’s Waldo

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See if your friends can spot you in a crowd when you sport Waldo’s trademark stripes. You can purchase the costume as a set from Amazon, or create your own.

For a DIY costume, here are the items you’ll need:

Katniss Everdeen

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Price: $35.54

This officially-licensed Hunger Games costume is based on Katniss’s look when she returned to the Games in Catching Fire.

The costume is highly detailed, featuring a jumpsuit with pull-on closure and kneepads. Look for add-ons to complete the look, such as Katniss’s bow.

Max from Where the Wild Things Are

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Price: $79.95

This button-up costume inspired by Max from Where the Wild Things Are is as comfy as it is cute! If you’re a teacher wearing this costume for a dress-up day, you’re sure to stay cozy in this plush onesie.

DIY Book Costume Ideas

These fun costume ideas can be replicated with items you might already have in your closet or craft drawer.

The Rainbow Fish

Inspired by the popular children’s picture book, this Rainbow fish costume makes for a fun DIY project for both kids and adults.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Mary Poppins

mary poppins diy costume image

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Mary Poppins is another fun costume you can create at home using items from your wardrobe, or pieces you can easily find online.

You can even turn this into a couple’s costume by having your partner dress as Bert! Good Housekeeping shares their picks for the best pieces for this costume, including:

DIY: Eloise

eloise diy character costume image
Image by people webs

Fancy afternoon tea at the Plaza? Get dolled up with a DIY Eloise costume, inspired by the precocious but lovable character from Eloise at the Plaza.

To recreate the look at home, all you need are a few basic staples:

Nancy Drew

nancy drew costume image

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Dress up as everyone’s favorite young sleuth by piecing together some clothing items you may already have at home!

Here’s what you can use to complete your look:


Everyone’s favorite little Parisian makes the perfect DIY costume, as all you need are a few basic pieces.

Build your own Madeline costume using these items:

Anne of Green Gables

anne of green gables diy kids costume image

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Anne of Green Gables makes for another great DIY project. explains how she put together this adorable costume. (Don’t forget to add the freckles and braids!)

Here are some pieces that can help you complete the look:

The Giving Tree

the giving tree costume image

Get the Tutorial

To make this Giving Tree costume, you’ll need:

The House that Lars Built offers an easy tutorial for completing this costume, along with a downloadable leaf template.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

if you give a mouse a cookie costume image

Get the Tutorial

This “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” costume couldn’t be any cuter or easier to make at home! The House that Lars Built also provides detailed tutorial, including a mouse ears template, for a fun craft project kids (and grown-ups) will love.

You’ll just need:

Costumes for Book Lovers

Whether you want to buy a ready-made costume or create your own with a fun DIY project, you can find the perfect book character costume for your next Halloween party, dress-up day at school, or theme day at work.

For more fun ideas that bookworms will love, check out our gift guide for book lovers and literary dog names for your furry friends!

Which literary character would you dress as? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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