gift guide for writers and authors

Whether you’re the writer and you’re looking to treat yourself or you’re trying to come up with the perfect gift idea for the writer in your life, this list is sure to have something perfect for the scribe you love!

Our team of editors compiled this detailed list of the best gifts for writers.

The Best Gifts for Writers

Whether they’re relaxing at home or working hard in the office, the writers in your life are sure to love these fun and practical gifts.

Gifts for the Office

thinkboard peel and stick whiteboard

Think Board Whiteboard Kits

Help your favorite writer with their brainstorming by giving the gift of a whiteboard like no other!

With the Think Board, you can transform any flat, boring surface into a creative workspace where you can write, brainstorm, doodle, and so much more. After all, writing it down is the first step towards achieving your goals.

In your kit, you’ll get a Think Board, marker, cleaning gear, and Velcro dots. Just peel and stick and get to brainstorming! There’s a range of different options from $19.99 to $449.99.

Check them out at

zei time tracker productivity

ZEI Time Tracker Cube

Whether working as a freelance journalist or on that first novel or screenplay, it’s crucial to know how much time you’ve logged at the keyboard, whether it’s for billing purposes or to simply gauge your productivity. But tracking time via apps or programs is easy to forget and it’s a pain to do when you do remember.

Looking like a big, eight-sided die, ZIE is the world’s first tangible time-tracking device. It’s completely customizable and easy to set up within minutes. Just assign a task to each side with a sticker or pen and flip that side upright while you work. When you change tasks, flip a new side up. It’s that simple.

ZEI works on its own or can be paired with some of the most popular time-tracking software, such as iCal, Toggl, and Harvest.

Get one for $115 at

meem memory cord backup cable

Meem Memory Cord

The worst thing that can happen to a writer is having their work get deleted in a computer or phone crash.

Help them back up their precious files with the MEEM memory cable, which backs up critical information, photos, contacts, and more from your phone or tablet to the cable itself every time you charge. PIN security encrypts the data if the cable is stolen or lost, ensuring that your manuscript stays safe. It works with iPhone or Android and you can even back up multiple devices.

Prices start at $59. Check it out at or buy yours from Best Buy or Amazon.

jam comfort buds bluetooth earbuds

JAM Audio Comfort Earbuds

We’ve talked before about how ambient noise can help writers be more productive—help your writer do their best with comfort earbuds meant for all-day use.

JAM Audio’s Comfort Buds are lightweight Bluetooth earbuds with an ergonomic collar that makes them comfy for hours. With a 10-hour playback time, you’ll be able to listen all day on a single charge, and they’re sweat-resistant to let your writer go from jogging to a writing session without missing a beat. They even have an integrated mic for taking calls or doing interviews.

Pick them up at Amazon for $49.99 or visit for more information.

erasable clarus glass notepad

Glass Notepad

Every writer is always making notes somewhere. Let yours jot things down in style on a clever glass notepad.

The Clarus Classic Glass Notepad is the traditional notepad, redefined. A simple and elegant solution for quick notes and tasks at your desk or kitchen counter, the Glass Notepad is made from precision-cut glass, with polished edges for an upscale look.

Just scribble your ideas, then wipe clean when you’re ready to start fresh! No more paper notes strewn all over.

Grab one for $25 from; there’s other sizes and styles, too!
adjustable desktop standing desk

Standing Desk

Help your writer be healthier and more productive with a standing desk for their office!

Karla Allen, a professional researcher and writer at At Your Pace Online, recommends the combo of the Eureka Ergonomic Next Generation Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk Top 36-inch and the Smart Step Home Anti-Fatigue Comfort Mat from Costco to take your writer’s office to the next level.

She says: “The adjustable height desk has given me the freedom to stand and write for sometimes up to half my day. The unit is solid and sits right atop my desk, so those writers who already have the perfect desk can keep it. The unit comes in one piece and literally goes from box to desktop (though if you’re getting it for someone with back pain, make sure you’re there to set it on the desk for them).”

Adding an anti-fatigue mat will help support their joints and make writing all day a joy.

Pick up a desktop standing desk unit from Amazon for $300 and an anti-fatigue mat for $30.

electric heater for office or desk

Electric Heater

Riah at Marsden Marketing says: “It doesn’t matter where you work—Boston or San Diego—offices are cold. Really cold. Every writer needs a small electric heater on hand.

This tiny ceramic model won’t blow any fuses and will keep your writer’s fingers nice and toasty, ready to bang out the next chapter.”

Pick it up on Amazon for just $20.

desk cycle for office

Under-the-Desk Cycle

Registered dietician and professional editor Julie Stefanski says: “For professional writers, it can be challenging to stay active while having to sit at a computer all day. An under-the-desk cycle can be an effective way to pedal away calories while getting work done. Compact models definitely fit better under a table or desk.”

Try a compact folding model from Amazon for just $26.

skyroam solis global wifi hotspot

Global WiFi Hotspot

One of the best parts about being a professional writer is being able to work wherever you want—the world is your office!

Or at least it is if you can get a reliable internet connection to upload your latest article or manuscript.

With the Skyroam Solis, that won’t be a problem! This dual 4G LTE global WiFi hotspot and
power bank offers superfast LTE speeds, a long-lasting battery, and the ability to charge up your mobile phone or tablet on the go. With instant access to secure, unlimited data in 100+ countries, Skyroam Solis offers the convenience of going from one country to another without configuring local SIMs, updating plans, or incurring roaming charges or overage fees, and you can even share the connection on up to five devices simultaneously.

Get one for $150 with data packages starting at $8 from

Writing Gear

aquanotes shower notepad

Shower Notepad

So many of our best ideas come in the shower. Never lose another genius plot point or perfect book idea again with AquaNotes!

This notepad suctions to the shower wall and allows you to write down your thoughts before they wash down the drain—no matter whether it’s a book concept, doodle, message, or to-do list, you’ll be able to keep your brilliant ideas after the shower’s over!

The waterproof paper is so durable it can even be written on underwater. Best of all, it’s totally recyclable, environmentally friendly, and non-toxic. Even soy-based ink and wind energy are used in the printing process.

Each waterproof notepad is only $7 and includes 40 sheets of perforated paper and a pencil. Get yours at

montblanc augmented paper

Augmented Paper

Plain paper is so last century. Upgrade your writer’s toolkit with Montblanc’s Augmented Paper.

This innovative technology transfers written notes and sketches from the sleek, yet traditional notebook to an app that can be used on iPhones, iPads, and more. Once the user has transferred the written content, they are able to edit, share with others, and even translate the text.

It even comes in several colors, to stylishly accent any office or wardrobe.

Augmented Paper can be purchased at and Montblanc boutiques nationwide for $680 to $720, depending on color.

cape horn sail handmade notebook

Cape Horn Sails Notebook

Designed in the southernmost tip of South America, Cape Horn handmade notebooks help you keep a log of your best and wildest ideas.

The unique fragments on their covers come from sails that have traveled thousands of miles on the open sea, and are made of the most innovative materials: carbon fiber, Kevlar, Dacron, nylon, mylar, and more.

Pick one up for $28.90 and up from their website or Amazon.

custom sticky note cube

Custom Memo Notes

Tons of writers are dependent on sticky notes to jot down inspiration, move around plot points, or just generally keep themselves organized.

Upgrade your writer’s notes by giving them a customized note cube from Pickett’s Press. You can choose the font and message printed on the side of the 700-note cube. There’s also custom memo pads and stationary sets!

Order for $45 from

handmade heritage travel notebook for writers

Heritage Notebook

Writing lasts for the ages, so shouldn’t what you write in be just as heirloom-worthy?

The Writer’s Essentials Notebook by Paper Republic is made from leather tanned using plants, herbs, and wood at a 300-year old tannery in the south of France. It’s even refillable, to ensure that it’ll be used for a lifetime.

Get a set that includes colored dividers and three paper refills at Waremakers for $119.

pen for book signings

Special Pens for Signings

Writer William Webb, who’s done plenty of signings as a popular fiction and nonfiction author, suggests getting your favorite writer a special pen that’s distinctive enough to use at signings—something that’s both beautiful and comfortable to write with for extended periods.

Check out the Montblanc Starwalker rollerball for $200, Parker Jotter for $25, Scribe Sword fountain pen for $35, or a pen made from wood from Thomas Jefferson’s estate for $395.

rocketbook connected smart notebook

Rocketbook Connected Notebook

Does your writer love the old-fashioned feel of writing on paper, but need the organization and flexibility of the digital age to get stuff done?

Have no fear, Rocketbook is here! This innovative reusable notebook lets you tag pages to be uploaded to particular folders and instantly digitizes all your work, storing it securely in the cloud so you’ll never lose a word.

Integrations include: Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Onenote, Slack, iCloud, and iMessage.

Notebooks start at $27 at or Amazon.

Resources and Tools

best nonfiction publishing courses

Publishing Course

Give your writer a leg up on publishing their work by giving them a course on nonfiction publishing! With the “How to Write Nonfiction Like a Pro” course, they’ll learn how to do targeted market research, write more efficiently, and build their audience to maximize their publishing career from Day One.

It’s just $97 at

writers market logo

Writing Market Subscription

English professor and author Janet Ruth Heller, PhD, says, “There are many book guides for writers and magazines for writers. My favorite magazines for writers are The Writer, Poets & Writers, and The Writer’s Chronicle. Subscriptions to these make good gifts, helping your favorite author find new paying venues for their work.

“Also, the following books are excellent gifts for writers: Writer’s Market 2018, Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market, Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market, Poet’s Market, etc. All of these are published by Writer’s Digest.”

A writer’s marketplace subscription can help your beloved writer take the next step to earning a full-time author income. What a gift!
grammarly grammar tool for writers

Grammarly Subscription

Riah from Marsden Marketing has another great suggestion for writers: “If you’re not worried about offending your writer friend, you could get them a premium Grammarly subscription. This comprehensive grammar and spelling software leaves spellcheck in the dust. Just make sure you communicate it’s out of a love for their work and a desire to make life easier—not because you’re hinting that they really need to work on their comma usage.”

Sign them up at for as little as $11/month.

the right margin writing companion software

The Right Margin

Give your writer a better way to get things done with a subscription to The Right Margin, a web app designed to help writers boost their productivity.

Unlike other writing apps and programs, The Right Margin actively nudges you to meet your goals, helps you track your time, and generally acts as a writing buddy. The writing space is minimal and prevents distraction. The timeline and milestone features makes it easy to break down any type of content (blog
posts, novel, etc.) into bite-size goals. And anytime you stop writing and you’re at risk at missing your deadline, you get friendly and motivational reminders by email.

Sign them up for $9.99 a month (or a discounted $72 for the whole year) at And be sure to use promo code THEWRITEGIFT, which will give you a month free to start!

the artists way book morning pages

The Artist’s Way

Screenwriter and comedian Ryan George recommends helping your favorite author take their craft to the next level with The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Morning Pages has changed the lives of many a writer—Ryan included—and he says that starting a morning journaling practice will really help your writer’s creativity.

Get a copy for $13 from Amazon.

scrivener writing software


Many of the most productive writers out there swear by Scrivener, the software that lets you collect your notes, organize your outline, write, and rearrange all in one handy program!

Available for Windows or Mac, this writer-focused software suite will change how your writer works forever, helping them be more productive and organized whenever they sit down to write.

Get a copy for $45 from their website.

Society Membership

Author Stefani Deoul recommends giving “a membership to a society which would suit their novel or genre, like SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators) or Mystery Writers of America, etc. From this they will meet people, gain insight, develop relationships, and find mentors for their path.”

Look up your writer’s favorite genre online by doing a search for “[genre] society”. Many memberships start at only $99 per year.

postplanner social media scheduling software


Romance author Carrie Aulenbacher suggests giving your favorite writer a PostPlanner subscription to turbocharge their social media marketing—and free up more time for writing.

She says: “I found it an economical alternative to Hootsuite and it not only allowed me to bulk upload tweets and FB posts, but it has a great section devoted to showing me suggestions when I need inspiration for new content to post. It really helped me to keep bringing fans beneficial content while allowing me more time to concentrate on my writing.

“Sharing blogs, videos and book updates is important and such a site keeps me from tying up all my energy in social media networks. Any writer intimidated about diving headlong into full out tweeting would especially benefit from letting a account do the work for them!”

Subscriptions start at just $3 a month at

Printing Gift Certificate

Having business cards, postcards, and other promotional materials is a must for a modern writer.

Give them a gift certificate for VistaPrint, Staples or another service where they can order the printed materials they need to stand out from the crowd and promote their book to the full.

writing prompts journal for authors

642 Tiny Things to Write about

Give the gift of inspiration with this handy pocket-sized journal of writing prompts!

Your favorite author will never be stumped again when they’re able to pull out this great little book loaded with thought-provoking writing prompts. It’s nearly two years’ worth of daily writing ideas!

Get a copy on Amazon for just $8.50.

90-Day Live Like a Boss Coaching Program

Help the writer in your life move to the next level by getting them a 90-day intensive one-on-one coaching program designed to help them focus better, eat healthier, take care of themselves, and biohack their way to success.

Coach Kristen Battistelli will use her decades of corporate experience and biohacking expertise to help your favorite author get unstuck, ditch bad habits, and move to the next level in their personal life and career. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Visit Kristen’s website to get more details.

Online Classes

Help your writer develop their craft and their business skills with online classes designed for career development.

CreativeLive offers a variety of writing and podcasting classes that can help your writer level up their skills or pick up a new skill to help market their work.

Classes start at just $79. Check them out at


There are dozens upon dozens of books out there designed to help authors improve their craft, market their work more effectively, and generally boost their careers. Author and PR specialist Robert Barrows has some suggestions:

“Here are some essential writers and books that people should read depending on the genre in which they write:

1) Read a Stephen King book and then read Stephen King’s On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft 
2) Read some Mickey Spillane
3) Read some Ian Fleming, Kurt Vonnegut, and Jerzy Kosinski
4) Read some Richard Brautigan and Isaac Asimov
5) Read 50 Shades of Grey
6) Then, read a Harry Potter book
7) Read some Sherlock Holmes stories, too

“See how they write their bestsellers. One thing that fascinates me about Stephen King is that his books literally give me nightmares.

“Since you might only give a person one book as a gift, pick a book from one of the above or pick one of your own favorites that was also a bestseller. You could also go to a used book store and pick up several of the above in paperback.”


Writers Conference Trip

Author Robyn L. Coburn says, “The greatest gift I was given recently was the opportunity to attend the AWP Conference, which included a year’s subscription to the group’s magazine. The event, which travels to different cities every year, includes all kinds of information sessions, as well as an expo floor with the focus on independent publishers and university presses. From that event, I got a recommendation for my editor, who helped me make my upcoming biography ready to submit.

“Give the writer in your life an experience like a great conference, which they may not want to buy for themselves. That, and great magazine subscriptions, are a true indulgence.”

Learn more about writer’s conferences here:

Museum Membership

Robin Jacobson Lampe of Wind Communications says, “I’ve been a writer for 20-plus years, and I’d suggest giving a membership to a local art museum or tickets to a local theater or event center for periodic inspiration and to get a recluse out of his or her house or office, around other creatives. A few hours lost in a gallery, reflecting, or enjoying a moving musical performance can reset our creativity and offer a creative boost.”


Consider giving your favorite writer a gift certificate for useful services—offer to hire a website developer, Twitter expert, PR person, or other expert to help them build out their marketing and online platform.

What about paying for your author’s web hosting for a year? Every author needs a great website, and even inexpensive hosting plans can add up.

Get a year of hosting from Bluehost starting at just $3.99 per month.

Food & Drink

moscow fuel copper coffee mug

Moscow Fuel Copper Coffee Mug

It’s been said that if a writer doesn’t have an alcohol problem, they probably have a coffee problem. While that’s not necessarily true of every writer, we’ve rarely met an author who would turn down a really great mug!

Check out the Moscow Fuel Mug: “Coffee in cocktail attire.”

This porcelain mug features a copper exterior to lend a glam touch—and a hint of today’s trendiest cocktail, the Moscow Mule—to your writer’s caffeine routine. It even comes with a recipe for a kicky ginger coffee!

Get one for $22 from

hope bridges thai coffee

Hope Bridges Thai Coffee

Give a delicious gift that gives back to the world with Hope Bridges’ Thai Coffee. This organically grown, fair trade coffee supports tribal farmers in the hill country of northern Thailand—the beans are even processed by a local collective, helping ensure that more money goes to the community.

And because Hope Bridges is a 501c(3) nonprofit, more than 50% of every sale goes directly to benefit children in these impoverished communities, with the rest going to support local farmers and environmental initiatives. What’s not to love?

Order for $4.95 and up from

wine subscription for writers

Wine Subscription

Pamper your writer a little every month with a wine subscription!

Subscription services like Winc let you choose certain flavor profiles or wines, or they’ll customize a box just for you (or your writer) based on your preferences in coffee and other foods and drinks.

Start a box from just $13 a bottle at

teabook litearary teas for writers

Literary Teas

Brew up inspiration for your beloved writer with a cup of book-inspired tea!

LiTEArary Teas offers unique organic teas with clever names based on famous authors, like ShakeSpearmint, Agatha ChrisTEA, and Mark Twainquility. You can also help organize your writer’s tea collection (because let’s face it, writers tend to have a lot of tea around) with a Teabook, an elegant, lightweight storage solution that holds up to 144 teas.

Pick up a new brew at for $7.99 and up.

writers tears irish whiskey

Writers Tears Whiskey

Copywriter Simon Mitchell of Copy Octopus makes it through difficult passages with the help of a few Writers Tears—the whiskey, that is. As a writer, he knows the tears of frustration that can come from facing writer’s block or just a difficult client. Luckily, there’s a cure for that frustration in the form of delicious Writer’s Tears Irish Whiskey—the perfect gift for the single malt loving wordsmith in your life!

Pick some up at your favorite liquor store.

atlas coffee club world coffee subscription

World Tour of Coffee

Take your writer on a tour of the world—in their coffee cup!

Atlas Coffee Club offers a new coffee destination each month, letting you sample brews from Papua New Guinea, El Salvador, Tanzania, and beyond.

Subscribe at for $50 for a three-month subscription.

ember smart coffee mug

Smart Mug

It happens all too often: you get into a passage and time just flies by. You go to take a sip of your tea and…oh man, it’s stone cold. Ew.

Never let your writer suffer through a cold cup of coffee or tea again! Give them the Ember, a first of its kind ceramic mug that allows you to customize and set your hot beverage to your desired temperature through an app.

And this isn’t just a “smart” mug because it’s linked to an app: Once it’s turned on, it will “wake up” when it senses you’ve poured liquid into the mug. That way, you can just pull your charged mug out of the cupboard or off the table and start using it. You can even charge it while full on the special charging coaster.

Pick one up for $79.95 from or select Starbucks retail locations.

electric kettle for writers

Electric Kettle

An electric tea kettle is a lifesaver. Writers love either tea or coffee, and there’s nothing better than perfectly hot water ready in minutes.

With some models, like this Chefman version, you can even use it as a teapot, infusing the tea straight into your hot water and setting the water temperature to the precise temperature for each type of tea: black, green, rooibos, etc.

Grab one at Amazon for $35.

coffee and donut mug for writers

Coffee and Donut Mug

Never settle for cold coffee and a stale donut again. This unique mug keeps your drink warm for longer than you’d believe…and even has a surprise function: donut warmer!

The built-in lid traps heat inside the cup for coffee and tea that stays hotter longer. The lid also gets nice and warm like a hot plate, and it’s perfect for holding and warming donuts, cookies, bagels, and other pastries!

So when writers get in the zone, and they’re coffee is already cold before they get halfway through the cup, this item will help them. When they feel isolated or down or lost in a world from which they’re telling a story, a warm pastry to accompany their coffee is often a little ray of joy that can help them through. Sometimes it’s the little things!

Pick one up for $19.99 from

lovefood healthy snack subscription box

Snack Box Subscription

Sometimes writers get so swept up in their work that they forget to eat.

Care for your loved one with a healthy, tasty subscription to Love with Food. Each month, they’ll get chef-curated organic, natural, or gluten-free snacks delivered right to their door, with a portion of the proceeds going to provide meals at food pantries across the US.

Subscriptions start at $7.99 a month at

avitae caffeinated water

Caffeinated Water

Most people—and seemingly, nearly all writers!—depend on the caffeine jolt they get from a cup of coffee (or two or three) to start their day. Many of us are also trying to make a  conscious effort to drink more water. What if you could get your daily caffeine intake (without the stained teeth, bitter aftertaste, and coffee breath) while also working towards your goal of drinking more water?

That’s where Avitae caffeine water comes in. This coffee alternative offers both a quick pick-me-up and a healthy hydration option. Made with purified water and natural caffeine, Avitae caffeine water has
zero calories, zero sugar, and provides a healthier alternative to sugary sodas, teas, energy drinks, or a cup of coffee packed with cream and sugar.

There’s even flavored and carbonated options!

Pick some up at, on Amazon, and in select retailers starting at $20 for a case.

Coffee Shop Gift Card

Writers everywhere use coffee shops as their second office—or sometimes as their primary one!

Give your writer a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop and watch their eyes light up with pure joy. Plus, they’re sure to think of you while sipping their next latte and pounding away at the keyboard.

Time to Relax

Instant Foot Massage

Long days at the keyboard can be hard on a body. Give your writer the gift of relaxation with the help of YogaToes.

YogaToes are a instant foot massage any time—just wear them under the desk! Quite a few writers swear by this handy gadget, including Michael Chabon. They’re not guaranteed to cure writer’s block, but they’ll at least help your writer loosen up!

Get a set for $36.95 at

storyline soap sampler for writers

Storyline Soaps

Pamper your writer with an unusual type of story—one you can bathe with!

Each soap in the Storyline Soap Sampler tells a story using unique illustrations, essential oil blends, herbs, and botanicals. Just like a blend of the perfect words can create a vivid world, Parousia Soaps believes that a blend of the perfect scents can do that as well.

Who knows, maybe it’ll even inspire your author’s next bestseller!

Pick up the sampler for $15 at

bodyworks ball portable massage tool

Self-Massage Tool

Hunching over a computer can really do a number on your back—and massages and chiropractor visits get expensive.

Get your writer some relief with the BodyworksBall. Originally designed for pro athletes, this lightweight tool lets you give yourself a full-body massage whenever you want, alleviating neck cricks, shoulder knots, and aching backs in no time. It’s even won a Fittie Award, the Oscars of fitness!

Pick one up for $34.99 at

aroma360 focus aromatherapy for writers


Scent has been proven to improve our memories, help us relax, and enhance productivity—all of which are amazing benefits for writers in particular!

Aroma360, a boutique sensory branding company, takes the science behind aromachology and transforms it into scents designed to trigger particular emotions, behaviors and memories, using a patented dry mist technology to retain more of the essential oils’ natural benefits.

Their “Focus Collection” helps you refresh and concentrate, perfect for when you’re racing towards a deadline.

Pair a $25 scent with a $150 diffuser for the perfect way to help your writer meet their goals and feel relaxed while doing it! Shop at and use code Holiday10 for 10% off the seasonal scent collection.

Fun Stuff

write pitch repeat fun shirt for writers

Write. Pitch. Repeat Shirt

Remind your favorite writer how important it is to always be pitching—in between working on the next book, of course!

Gift them a Write. Pitch. Sleep? Repeat. shirt from the fine folks at Publicitees, a design and apparel shop by writers, for writers.

Grab one from (Edit: no longer available) for $21 and up.

Spotify Subscription

Riah from Marsden Marketing has yet another great suggestion for writers: “Spotify is a writer’s best friend, but many writers don’t exactly work in an industry that makes big bucks. If you want a big hug from your up-and-coming writer friend who can’t stand all the commercials, buy them a Spotify gift card. Commercial-free music is honestly one of the best gifts there is.”

Pick up a gift card at

Reading Subscription

The most successful writers are also avid readers, because reading broadly and deeply helps us hone our craft and learn what works in the marketplace.

Help your writer keep up their reading with a subscription to GiftLit, a unique, personalized book subscription service that even includes an option for simultaneous charitable giving. This isn’t just a book in the mail, but months of beautifully wrapped, specially curated to match the recipient’s interests and tastes.

There are more than 70 curated collections, or you can choose the books yourself with a custom collection. Subscription options include 3, 6, and 12 months, with a range of prices.

Learn more and sign up at

Unique Indulgences

hidden bookcase room for writers

Hidden Writing Room

Looking for something really amazing for your writer-in-residence?

How about a secret writing room?

Hidden Door Store can send a ready-to-install secret bookcase door system—just like in the movies—right to your home. The bookcase door can take the place of an existing door, turning a boring closet into the writer’s nook of anyone’s dreams. And yes, you can even unlock it by tilting a particular book!

If you’ve got $2,625 to spare, hop over to to order.

portable treehouse for writers

Portable Treehouse

What could be better for a writer than a private book nook/decompression chamber where you can immerse yourself in your work—or that of a favorite author?

The TreePod is an easy to set up portable treehouse that any writer would appreciate. Hang it from a tree, off the porch, or in a corner of the house and let the world drift away. Putting a TreePod up doesn’t require special tools and it doesn’t harm trees—in fact, for every TreePod sold, Trees for the Future will plant a tree.

Get one from for $325.

The Gifts that Keep Giving

Alone Time

Blogger Julia Arnold of Frantic Mama says: “The top of my gift list is always alone time! That could mean something as simple as my husband taking the kids out for a couple of hours so I can have the house to myself, or as extravagant as having a night to myself in a hotel. I always feel refreshed and ready to be creative when I’ve had some time to myself.”

Author Jade Lenier says, “I’m a writer and I think we want what everyone wants: more time. Creative people need mental space to ponder, to research, to reflect. Some practical gifts that can help with this: offering to babysit for free, buying them subscriptions to things like farm shares or boxes of beauty supplies…whatever cuts down time spent on things they’d rather not think about.

“You can go as luxurious as gifting a vacation to as mundane as getting them a gift card to a fluff-and-fold laundry service, but the bottom line is that writers really need the freedom and space to actually write, and gifts like these help to make it happen.”


Award-winning author Stefani Deoul suggests helping your beloved author’s career as the best possible gift now—or any time of year! She says:

  1. Buy the book (as “duh” as that sounds, people seem to think they should get a free copy because they know you).
  2. Buy another copy for a friend.
  3. Review the book—reviews are the lifeline writers need. Every writer who has ever entertained you…whether you know them or not: give them a gift of a review on Amazon, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and anywhere else you can think of. Then put it in a card and “gift it to them.”
  4. Make it a book club pick (if that’s an option for you). Suggest their book to your local book club or ask your local bookstore to carry it. It really makes a difference.

What are you giving your favorite writer this year?

For more resources to help your favorite writer, check out these articles: