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Heather Ann Havenwood is the bestselling author of several books including Sexy BossShe started with internet marketing back in 1999 and has helped create several multi-million dollar businesses.

Here’s a few highlights of the things you’ll learn from our interview with Heather:

  • How a late night infomercial for a $3,000 seminar about owning your own business changed her life (and how she was recruited to work for that same seminar company)
  • How Heather became an information marketing expert (and why educating your audience can be your most powerful marketing tool for any business)
  • Heather’s book writing process that involves lots of talking and no writing (for her)
  • Why attracting the right team members to help with your book project can make it so much faster, easier and more fun
  • Why you should definitely get your books in audiobook format as well (and how to hire someone to produce your audiobook for you even with little or no budget)
  • Why you should focus on the long-term success of your book and your message instead of only focusing on short-term launches and promotions
  • Why you should write an “evergreen” book that will remain relevant for a very long time and continue to be in demand from readers and produce sales for you
  • How publishing your book can help you easily get booked on podcast shows and media interviews
  • How to leverage your book to meet the top influencers in your industry and create valuable business and personal relationships with them
  • How to start your own seminar program from your book
  • Why it’s so important to get out and speak publicly whether for free or not so that you can meet your readers and learn more about them, who they are, what they want and how you can help serve them even better
  • A powerful question to ask yourself when you’re feeling stuck: “Does this fuel my confusion or strengthen my clarity?”

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Heather highly recommends reading The Game of Life and How to Play It

Learn more about Heather and connect with her at

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