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Maryann Reid is an award-winning author and social commentator. She has been featured by countless media outlets including USA Today, Essence, Glamour, The CBS Early Show, and The Wendy Williams Experience.

Maryann has been profiled in The New Yorker, Newsweek,, and NBC Nightly News for her innovative approach to life and solving its complex issues. She has become a pro at getting massive media exposure for her books, and she coaches other authors on how to get more attention and publicity.

In today’s show, Maryann shares her counterintuitive strategy for selling a ton of books for herself and her clients. Instead of focusing heavily on “new” media like social media and blogging, she focuses her efforts on getting booked in old school traditional media: print, TV, and radio.

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Maryann shares:

  • Why traditional media can be less competitive and more profitable for an author
  • Her strategy for “starting local and then going global” that will skyrocket your exposure over time if you follow the process
  • How to get booked several times a year only spending a few minutes a week on your PR campaign
  • Why you should definitely consider hiring a PR firm if you can afford it (and how to get the most out of it)
  • Plus, a few amazing marketing tips and tricks Maryann has developed over the years

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