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We’ve just wrapped up another amazing Readers Choice Awards Contest, and we’re so excited to finally announce the winners for 2021!

Why We Started This Book Awards Contest

Here at TCK Publishing, we think what authors do is amazing and we want to celebrate writers everywhere.

And if you’re familiar with our blog, you know we also love to support readers. After all, readers are the reason we joined the publishing industry in the first place.

We love entertaining, informing, and connecting with readers all over the world.

That’s why we decided to create a book awards contest that would bring together indie authors and devoted readers.

We invited indie and self-published authors to submit their best work in a range of 16 categories, and then we let readers decide a winner by voting for their favorites!

This year we received a total of 18,496 votes, and we’re so grateful to everyone who voted and entered their book to make this competition possible!

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2021 Readers Choice Grand Prize Winner

We’re pleased to announce that the Grand Prize winner of the 2021 TCK Publishing Readers Choice Awards is…

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Seeing Red by LeAndrea Mack

Congratulations to Ms. Mack, who won a Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet and a 1-Year Access Pass to Bestseller Ranking Pro.

Readers Choice Category Winners


First Place – We Can Do This! Adult Children and Aging Parents Planning for Success by Lorraine “Lorrie” Morales

Second Place – The Basics by Naresh Kumar Sukumaran

Third Place GET SHAP (Seen, Heard & Paid): Reimagined thoughts to level up your business and career by Nicholas K. Quest

Children’s Books

First Place – Bizzie Tizzie Is Gonna Be Everything From A to Z by Yvonne Bryant

Second Place – The Smiley Girl by Ornella Ngabire & Emmanuel Ndayishimiye

Third Place  Magic in Windowland by Rupamanjari Majumder


First Place – Sekhet by K. K. Weakley

Second Place – The Chain Between Worlds by Johnathon Nicolaou

Third Place Death’s Legacy by Dennis K. Crosby


First Place – The Addiction Manifesto by J.R. Weaver

Second Place – Lessons Learned: Short Stories of Continuity and Resilience by Michele L. Turner

Third Place  Embracing Your Journey by April Y. Cunningham


First Place – Master Your Core: A Science-Based Guide to Achieve Peak Performance and Resilience to Injury by Bohdanna Zazulak

Second Place – Mental & Behavioural State Examination by Tim Whittard

Third Place – So Much More than a Headache: Understanding Migraine through Literature by Kathy O’Shea, Editor

General Nonfiction

First Place – Made by Leonora

Second Place – Outcomes of Civilization in Africa by Happy Ogunjimi

Third Place  Eternal Love book 2 – The Continuing Journey by Lori Yaney


First Place – Coro-Nostalgia by M.S.R. Venkata Ramana

Second Place – Coming of Age…Whatever That Means by Jaymee Veney

Third Place  The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story by Laura Davis


First Place – If Tomorrow Comes by Pratibha Malav

Second Place – Love Remix by Manaswini Velidi

Third Place  As Delicate As Snow by Shobana Gomes


First Place – Tale of Two Brothers by Daniel Fernandez Masis

Second Place – Amethyst by Brooklynn Dean

Third Place  The Captive Dwarf by Sean Hawker


First Place – Seeing Red by LeAndrea Mack

Second Place – Dusk till Dawn by Usama Khan

Third Place  Deceptively Yours by Shruti Kadu

YA and Middle Grade

First Place – A Girl Called Ruthless by Melody Pendlebury

Second Place – Cruel Summer by Bernard Jan

Third Place  There’s No Compromise by Rahima Islam

General Fiction

First Place – Red by Hovik Afyan

Second Place – Trapped In Thought by Tarik Braithwaite

Third Place  Titus and the Rise of the Fire Giant by Vivaan Goel

Historical Fiction

First Place – Princess Journalles I : Othello & The Advent of Humanitas Technical by Katheline M Pierre III

Second Place – Echoes of Mercy by Sisan McNeil

Third Place  I Know All Save Myself Alone: The Play by Lisa Monde

Science Fiction

First Place – Year 9999 The Era I Live by Dipendra Neupane

Second Place – Axiom by Kristofor Hellmeister

Third Place  Cut Her Out In Little Stars by Daniele Kasper


First Place – This Type of Marriage by Mandlenkosi Kedamile (Prince Koti)

Second Place – Thank You GOD For Another Day by Nakeisha Maharaj

Third Place – Islamic Activity Book by Sana Ghaznavi

Business and Investing

First Place – Transformation in Times of Crisis by Nitin Rakesh & Jerry Wind

Second Place – The Fearless Entrepreneurs: Fear Less; Be More by Whitnie Wiley, Lynda Sunshine West and others

Third Place  The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You by Mark Herschberg

Counting the Votes

There are several reasons why some votes may not be officially counted when determining the winners. For example:

  • Some votes were repeated from the same IP address (meaning someone was voting multiple times for the same book)
  • Some votes were issued multiple times for the same book at the same time from masked IP addresses (These votes probably came from a bot)

We removed all these duplicate votes, and that’s why the final leaderboards for the contest are a bit different than what you may have seen on the voting page.

*All the votes counted after the duplicate votes were removed are unique votes, and those individual votes from unique readers are what we counted to determine the winners.

Note: Just because a book received lots of duplicate votes does not mean the author was intentionally trying to manipulate the results.

What’s Next

This was our fifth annual Readers Choice Awards, and we’re so grateful to all the authors and readers who participated. We can’t wait for next year’s contest!

Entry in the 2022 Readers Choice Awards contest is available right now, so you can enter early to maximize your chances of winning by being one of the first authors to enter your book in next year’s contest.

Enter More of TCK Publishing’s Writing Contests

In addition to our annual Readers Choice Awards, TCK Publishing is proud to host a variety of other writing contests throughout the year.

Below are the contests you can enter now. We look forward to reading your submissions!