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We’ve just wrapped up another amazing Readers Choice Awards Contest, and we’re so excited to finally announce the winners for 2020!

Why We Started This Book Awards Contest

No matter how you choose to publish a book, we think what authors do is amazing and we want to celebrate writers everywhere.

We also love to support readers.

Readers are why we joined the publishing industry in the first place. We’re looking to entertain, inform, and connect with readers just like you all over the world.

So we decided to create a book awards contest that would bring together indie authors and devoted readers.

We invited indie and self-published authors to submit their best work in a range of 16 categories, and then the readers decided who would win by voting for their favorites!

This is our fourth year running the Readers Choice Awards contest, and we couldn’t be any happier with it!

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2020 Readers Choice Grand Prize Winner

We’re pleased to announce that the Grand Prize winner of the 2020 TCK Publishing Readers Choice Awards is…

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Power Divided, The Evolutionaries Book 1 by S. Behr

Congratulations to Ms. Behr, who won a Kindle Fire HD 8 Tablet and a 1-Year Access Pass to Bestseller Ranking Pro.

Readers Choice Category Winners

Here are the winners in each genre category, as chosen by the readers who voted:


First Place – Family Soup by Nicholas K Quest

Second Place – You Are Worth It by Frederick Abila

Third Place Tired of being Tired by Juliet N. Jones

Children’s Books

First Place – Tach and the Cosanthor by Saniya Chughtai

Second Place – My Beach Adventure by Eric VanTuyl

Third Place – Slime-A-Rella by Kendra Alston


First Place – Unearthing the Fae King by Brenda Trim

Second Place – Part-Time Monster Hunter by Nicholas Woode-Smith

Third Place – Shadow Prophet by Andrea Pearson


First Place – True Forgiveness: The Proven Path From Pain To Power In 5 Simple Steps by Rev. Jennifer McSween

Second Place – Waist Does Not Equal Worth: The Curvy Doc’s Guide to Positive Self-Esteem by Dr. Janelle Simmons

Third Place – How To Borrow God’s Brain To Succeed! by Duyilemi Akindele Felix


First Place – My Life is Worth Living by Carol M. Creasey

Second Place – Heartbroken: Grief and Hope Inside the Opioid Crisis by Ellen Krohne

Third Place – Fruits for Life: Nutrition Secrets Your Doctor Won’t Tell by Dr.Amrita Basu

General Nonfiction

First Place – Remembering Dexter by Brian L Porter

Second Place – The Kipsigis Talai – Tragedy, Tribulation and Trough of a Community in Kenya by David Ngasura Tuei

Third Place – ISRO Misfired: The Espionage Case That Shook India by K. V. Thomas


First Place – Morocco or Bust August ’69 by Michael Rowland

Second Place – Our Road to Adoption: The Story of our Family and the Great Family of God by Earl Dee Robinson

Third Place – Far From the Tree – A Memoir by Pat Higgins Adelhardt


First Place – No Romance Allowed by Kana Wu

Second Place – At the Touch of Death by Gina Carra

Third Place – The Desires of His Heart by H. M. Trey


First Place – Secrets Never Be Revealed by T. Abikrishna

Second Place – The Long Night: Blood Will Be Served (Fortier #2) by M.G.Darwish

Third Place – The Seven Kinds by Dilip Maity


First Place – Grandma Josefina and the Heroic Boy by Joseph P. Policape

Second Place – Fire Lake by J.C. Paulson

Third Place – The Holy City Murders: A Duke Dempsey Mystery by Ron Plante Jr

YA and Middle Grade

First Place – Power Divided, The Evolutionaries Book 1 by S. Behr

Second Place – The Chronicles of Agartha: Book 1 The Green Boy by Sherif Guirguis & Isaac Michaan

Third Place – Elvort by Nathaniel Muñoz

General Fiction

First Place – DEV – The Divine by Rakhi Anand

Second Place – The Seller of Sins by Kristina Gallo

Third Place – Never-DEAD by Ann Greyson

Historical Fiction

First Place – Oric and the Lockton Castle Mystery by Lesley Wilson

Second Place – While the Rain Whispered by Kim Williams

Third Place – White Crow (The House of Crow Book 1) by John W Wood

Science Fiction

First Place – The Sky Above by A.G.R. Goff

Second Place – The Altered by Maria DeVivo

Third Place – Lake on the Moon by H.E. Wilburson


First Place – The Power of The Seed by Dr. Eric L Holmes

Second Place – Stand Up For Jesus (Meditations Of A Soul Chaser) by Akpomudiare A. Esiri

Third Place – The Sun also Shines in Pakistan by Manjari Sharma

Business and Investing

First Place – The Art of Healthcare Innovation by Christina D. Warner

Second Place – Entry and Exit Confessions of a Champion Trader: 52 Ways A Professional Speculator Gets In And Out Of The Stock, Futures And Forex Markets by Kevin J. Davey

Third Place – Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators by Susanne Tedrick

Congratulations to all the category winners, who receive special badges and promotion on social media.

Top 10 Books

Below are the top 10 books that received the most votes across all categories:

1. Power Divided, The Evolutionaries Book 1 by S. Behr

2. Remembering Dexter by Brian L Porter

3. Tach and the Cosanthor by Saniya Chughtai

4. Family Soup by Nicholas K Quest

5. The Power of The Seed by Dr. Eric L Holmes

6. DEV – The Divine by Rakhi Anand

7. Grandma Josefina and the Heroic Boy by Joseph P. Policape

8. The Sky Above by A.G.R. Goff

9. You Are Worth It by Frederick Abila

10. The Altered by Maria DeVivo

What’s Next

This was our fourth annual Readers Choice Awards, and we’re so grateful to all the authors and readers who participated. We can’t wait for next year’s contest!

Entry in the 2021 Readers Choice Awards contest is available right now, so you can enter early to maximize your chances to win by being one of the first authors to enter your book in next year’s contest.

Enter TCK Publishing’s Poetry Contest

In addition to our annual Readers Choice Awards, we’ve recently launched the first annual TCK Publishing Poetry Contest.

Submissions are open now through March 31, 2021. A winner will be declared and awarded $1,000 on April 21, 2021. Enter your poems today!


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