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Heather Hart is an international bestselling and award-winning author. She is coach to authors at and owner of With the heart of an author, she enjoys working from home where she spends her time working on her next book, coming up with new and improved marketing ideas, and teaching other authors what she’s learned along her journey to becoming a bestseller.

In today’s show, Heather and Tom discuss how to get more book reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and elsewhere.

Here are just a few of the things we cover today:

  • How to create an email list of loyal, raving fan book reviewers who will review your book as soon as it’s published and help promote your work to more readers.
  • How using a Goodreads giveaway can help you get more book reviews (this only works if you have a print edition at the moment.)
  • Where and how to write a snippet in the back of your book that can dramatically increase how many readers will leave you a book review.
  • How to get honest book reviews from influencers in your field like Top 1000 Amazon reviewers and bloggers.
  • How to use Facebook and LinkedIN groups to find reviewers for your books (and how to avoid the spam trap).
  • How to get Amazon to delete inappropriate reviews (For example, if someone writes, “I wanted this book in print but only got the Kindle version.”)
  • How to transform your competition into your greatest allies and marketing assets to build your author platform and find new readers.
  • How to add value to your network of authors and readers and create true win-win relationships in life and in business.

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Show Notes

Learn more about Heather and connect with her at

Check out Heather’s book on How to Get Honest Book Reviews.

Traffic Wave autoresponder for building your email list.

Amazon Top Reviewers (Remember to make sure the reviewer actually reads books in your genre / niche before you send them a review copy, or you just might get some nasty 1-star reviews!)

March to a Bestseller Event

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