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Penny Sansevieri is the bestselling author of Red Hot Internet Publicity and founder of Author Marketing Experts. She has been preaching the importance of online marketing, blogging, PR and internet savvy marketing tactics to authors for over a decade and is a true pioneer in the world of online marketing for authors.

In this interview, Penny shares some powerful ways to help you sell more books and promote your platform like a pro on the internet (even if you feel like you’re technologically handicapped).

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Here are a just of few of the awesome ideas Penny and I discuss on the show today:

  • Why every author must have an author website, and what yours should look like and do (see more free training videos and tutorials at if you need help setting up your website).
  • How to use publicity and PR on the internet to get massive traction and engage your target audience in new, fun and surprisingly effective ways.
  • Why today is the best day to get started marketing your book, even if you haven’t even started writing it yet! This one idea will change your career if you embrace it and put it into action.
  • How to use unique, different and interesting marketing and promotion ideas to stand out from the crowd and attract massive attention and exposure (like creating cards for your fantasy novel or romance novel – see the video interview to check it out!)
  • How a 9-sentence blog post can be life-changing.
  • How to use social media like a professional (no spam, no screaming “buy my book!” to people who don’t care, but actually interacting with people on a deeper level and creating true fans).
  • How to create superfans, and how one true fan can be more valuable than a $50,000 marketing budget (really!)

Grab your pen and notebook and get ready to take notes, because you’re about to learn how to become a media expert!

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