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Lindsay Buroker is the bestselling author of Balanced on the Blade’s Edge and more than 20 other novels, novellas and short stories.  Today, Lindsay is ranked as one of the Top #100 bestselling Science Fiction authors on Amazon Kindle, and she’s earning a full-time income as an author. She works from home and loves it.

In this interview, Lindsay lets us in on her best tips for writing books that readers love, how to build your author platform, how to promote your book like a pro, how to become a master at marketing, and much more.

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Here are just a few of the ideas we cover in the show today:

  • Exactly how to build a highly targeted email list of readers who love your books and buy everything you write.
  • Why creating highly targeted fans is the absolute best and only concern you should have when marketing (wasting money and time promoting your books to the wrong people isn’t just a massive waste of money – it can do more harm than good).
  • How to ensure your marketing and promotions reach the right audience every time.
  • How to create loyal readers and give them so much great content that they can’t help but share your work with their audience.
  • Why you must focus on quality readers, and how a few people who open your emails, buy your books and share your stuff with other readers are the best and most valuable marketing asset you could ever hope for (and it doesn’t cost any money other than the cost of setting up your email list with an autoresponder).
  • How to quit your day job and become a full-time author and bestseller whether you write fiction or nonfiction.

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