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Ameer Rosic is the bestselling author of Diagnostic Testing And Functional Medicine. He’s a functional medicine expert focusing on helping people get more energy, better health, and incredible performance.

Ameer’s journey to becoming a successful indie published bestseller starts when he began to seriously research in the field of functional medicine with the idea of writing a book the majority of people can understand. There’s so much confusion in the marketplace about what functional medicine is, how to utilize it, and where to begin.

There are plenty of dense books about functional medicine out there written by experts. A lot of these books are confusing to a person who wants to know about functional medicine, but doesn’t have the scientific background to understand the books that have been written.

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein

Keep It Simple

Ameer decided to fill the gap in the marketplace and write a book that would be accessible to everyone.

Three years ago Ameer began seeking out and interviewing top experts in the field of functional medicine. After Ameer interviewed the 15 experts in his book he had the interviews transcribed, and he went over the interviews himself slowly digesting the information, and reframing it for a mass audience.

A year and a half later Diagnostic Testing And Functional Medicine is available for purchase.

Ameer focuses on practical advice people can use, rather than filling the pages of his book with personal stories that don’t apply to his audience. Ameer prefers raw data and raw information to anecdotes.

The audience for Diagnostic Testing And Functional Medicine is made up mostly of people between the ages of 35 and 55.

If you give people real information without trying to sell them something, they will like and trust you more. And they’ll be empowered to take action on the new information they have.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re writing fiction or nonfiction. If you’re writing in a way that connects with other people, and they’re nodding their head along with you, it’s a win-win for everybody.” – Ameer Rosic

Ameer’s Writing Process

Ameer spent a year and a half writing this book. He really wanted to help a lot of people. He wanted the book to be truly successful.

One of the reasons the book took so long to write is that it was hard to get certain doctors he wanted to interview to agree to be in the book.

When he got three doctors from Dr. Oz to agree to be in the book, that went a long way to getting the other doctors to agree to interviews as well.

The hardest part of the process for Ameer was setting up all the interviews, and then having to go through the transcriptions and edit them himself. He had to edit the book himself first because the interview transcripts were very scientific and technical, and unless you know what you’re looking for as an editor, there’s no way you know how to edit the scientific jargon.

As an indie author it’s important to do as much of the work yourself as you can. If you try to outsource everything, you’re not going to get the quality product that reflects well on you.

“It doesn’t matter if you hire a ghostwriter; it’s always YOUR book.” – Tom Corson Knowles

The Importance of Staying True to Yourself

Pro tip: If you’re not the best writer you can dictate your book into a digital recorder and have some really affordable services transcribe your words. This is a really easy way to write your book.

After you have your words transcribed, make sure to edit yourself so that what you’re publishing is in your voice. You’ll notice that your transcribed words won’t sound exactly like the words you would write on the page.

There are a lot of books in the marketplace on similar topics. People don’t buy your book; they buy you. You have to be sure to write in your own consistent author voice. If you don’t, when readers interact with you they’re not going to trust you because the voice of your book doesn’t match your voice when you talk to them.

It’s important that you maintain a consistent author voice throughout your career. Just be yourself.

Anything you want to be successful at in life has its foundations in consistency. You can’t just expect to be successful after one book launch. You have to build an inventory of products and a foundation of trust with your audience in order to ensure your success.

What do you want to achieve as an author? Do you want to be a #1 bestseller? Do you want to sell backend products? It’s important that you have your and result in mind as you begin to create your author career.

Share Your Story

Ameer sees authorship as a medium for telling his story.

“We’re living in a day and age where you can have the information, knowledge, and wisdom of the universe at the click of a button.” – Ameer Rosic

The Internet is a fantastic platform to get your message heard on a global scale.

Writing Can Be Therapeutic

Whether you write for an audience or for yourself, writing can be therapeutic. There is real value in getting your ideas organized in a tangible form on paper.

Take this opportunity to do an experiment. Write a book and see what happens to you after you’ve written it. The process of writing a book will cause you to change as a person.

Systemize, Automate, Delegate: A Case Study

Tom wrote Systemize, Automate, Delegate: How to Grow a Business While Traveling, on Vacation and Taking Time Off recently. What Tom learned in the process of writing and publishing that book caused his income to double before he sold a single copy.

The real key to a better life is applying the knowledge that you have and the knowledge you learn to get better outcomes for yourself.

You can’t write something unless you’re living it.” – Tom Corson Knowles

A lot of people pride themselves on reading a lot. But the key to knowledge is actually applying what you learn. You can read 1000 books on how to succeed in business and life, unless you apply what you learn, that time was wasted.

If you’re reading something, and a sentence or paragraph sparks your interest, focus on what sparked your interest. Take a deep dive and research the sentiment in that sentence or paragraph.

“The purpose of reading books is to gain from the knowledge and wisdom of others.” – Ameer Rosic

Life is a journey. People are constantly changing and improving. If you want to change your life, come up with a plan and implement it. Make changes when you see that your plan isn’t taking you where you want to go.

When you take the initiative in life to change something, you’re inevitably going to fail. Every failure is a learning experience that teaches you a method that doesn’t work.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas Edison

Failures aren’t a bad thing. When you fail you’re simply learning the paths that don’t lead to success.

Work for Long-Term Success

If you want to be successful as an author, look into the future and prepare for long-term success. Create a sustainable life that:

  • Maintains your health.
  • Maintains your spirituality.
  • Maintains the passion that you have today.

“Simplicity is the key to brilliance.” – Bruce Lee

Small consistent actions are the key to success. Don’t set massive unrealistic expectations that are nearly impossible to meet at the beginning of your author career.

If you make your expectations too big at the beginning, you’re almost guaranteeing permanent failure.

How Ameer’s Book Got 50,000+ Downloads

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Ameer didn’t have any expectations for the kind of success that his book received.

The book had 52,000 free downloads in 72 hours.

He spent three days glued to his computer learning everything he could about Amazon book launches.

He took all the steps he learned from The Kindle Publishing Bible and applied them.

In the months leading up to the launch of his book, he emailed the 15 experts in the book at least 15 times each. Each of those experts promoted the book launch when it happened.

Another thing that helped the book launch so strongly is that Ameer was a part of several online communities with his target readers. He joined these communities when he first started researching functional medicine 18 months before the book was published.

That one tactic more than anything else is what led to the book being a success.

If you know you are coming up with a book next year, join Facebook groups on that subject. Join today and become part of the community. Build relationships. I found that to be a crazy, crazy tactic for me.” – Ameer Rosic

Remember this: One system isn’t going to work for everyone. A system gives you a place to start. You have to observe the results and modify what you’re doing to achieve the success you want.

When Ameer launched his book he was available to the community to answer questions for the first 72 hours. That was critical to the book’s massive success.

It’s important to connect with your readers on an individual basis, especially in the Internet age. That’s going to set you apart from other authors in your market

Even a simple one line response can set you apart from the thousands of other authors on Amazon who wouldn’t do that. People want to know that you care about them. The more you can show your audience you care about them the more they’ll care about you.

Ameer’s Biggest Mistake

When Ameer launched the book he didn’t build anticipation for it as much as he could have. Ameer estimates he could have increased his sales by 20% if he had done more to build anticipation around the book launch.

If he had it to do over again Ameer might have done informational webinars leading up to the launch of the KDP promotion.

He also would’ve made a greater effort to do guest blogging closer to the launch date. Ameer thinks the book would’ve launched bigger had he built more anticipation beforehand.

Building a Business from the Book Launch

Ameer’s primary market offering is online health consultations. He helps people optimize their health through genetic testing, biochemical testing, and functional medicine.

He also runs multiple online businesses in the health niche.

He also consults with businesses that sell health products online.

Ameer’s business has several different income streams all revolving around his passion to help people achieve their optimal health.

If you want to be successful as an online business person you have to have multiple streams of income. You can’t just rely on one income source to sustain you indefinitely.

You can’t outsource your brand management strategy. In the Internet age your brand is who you are.

To create a personal brand from scratch, like Oprah or Michael Jordan, is going to take years of hard work and dedication. You have to make sure you’re everywhere that your potential audience might be.

Ameer has:

  • A podcast
  • A YouTube channel
  • A blog
  • Books
  • Twitter profiles
  • Facebook profiles
  • He speaks at least once a week to some kind of professional development conference

In short, he has a presence online everywhere his potential audience might hang out. He is constantly actively seeking out his audience.

Personal brands work because people trust you. You can’t build trust overnight. You build trust by educating and helping people over a long period of time. Building a brand is as simple as building relationships and connections online.

Building genuine relationships and connections takes a genuine investment of time and energy on your part.

When you think about what book to write, consider what audience you’re trying to help or educate. Ameer’s next book is going to be targeted at athletes. He wants to help athletes eat better so they perform better.

You should always be thinking about what audience you’re trying to target when you write your books. Whenever possible, build on the audience you already have and see if you can write a book that serves an overlapping audience. This will allow you to build your platform faster. This way you’re not always starting from scratch.

The Right Way to Work with a Ghostwriter

If you hire a ghostwriter to write your book, it’s still your book. You have to be involved in its creation.

If you hire a ghostwriter and hope for the best, your book won’t be a genuine reflection of your thoughts and ideas. The audience will eventually notice the disconnect between the book they’re reading and you as the author.

If you’re going to hire a ghostwriter, you should give them your research material.

Make sure to work with your ghostwriter so that the book you publish in the end is a genuine reflection of you as an author.

“Everything that goes into building your brand, you have to understand it.” – Tom Corson Knowles

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