Get 40,000 eBook Downloads in One Week Ameer Rosic headerAmeer Rosic is the bestselling author of Diagnostic Testing And Functional Medicine. He’s a functional medicine expert focusing on helping people have more energy, better health and incredible performance.

In today’s show, Ameer shares a unique process he used to write and publish his first book and turn it into a bestseller very quickly.

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Here are just a few of the tips Ameer shares on this interview:

  • How to use a book project to land interviews with the leading experts in your field, and then turn that content into the heart of your book (Following this brilliant system basically allows you to have other people create the content for your book AND connect with the “untouchables” in your industry on a deep level in a way that would never otherwise have been possible.)
  • How Ameer had more than 40,000 people download his book in less than a week, and the incredible results any author can get when you follow a proven system for launching your book.
  • How to think about your book project when you’re writing it to position it for maximum exposure and to add the most value to your audience.
  • The mindset you must have for success, and how to overcome any obstacle or challenge along the way.
  • A few life-changing ideas on how to maintain a healthy attitude, obliterate any blocks holding you back from achieving the success you deserve, and how to use failure to fuel your success instead of giving up and quitting.
  • How to create a hot marketing campaign for your book.
  • How to get industry experts and leaders in your field to promote your book like gangbusters (without spending a dime on advertising or being annoying or bugging people).
  • A few mental tricks anyone can use to be more productive and come up with brilliant new marketing ideas.

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