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Imagine you could see into the future. If you could see disaster coming, but were powerless to stop it. Would you despair?
Or would you go insane?

Jenna Ryan’s debut novel The Channeler: A Future Forewarned is the product of extraordinary storytelling, magical worldbuilding, and captivating characters that any urban fantasy fan will quickly grow to adore.

A Captivating Urban Fantasy Romance Novel

Caleb Swift just wants an ordinary life. But from a young age, he’s been able to see winged beings, particularly a friendly angel called Gabriel who’s been watching over him ever since he was small. But lately, Caleb’s been seeing more than just dudes with wings: His nightmares have turned into visions of the future, terrifying premonitions he feels powerless to prevent.

But this latest vision is different. This time it involves somebody Caleb knows—and unless he can somehow prevent an unstoppable future from occurring, the beautiful girl of his literal dreams is going to meet a violent end. Caleb never wanted anything more than an ordinary life, but if he’s going to save the life of another, he’s going to have to accept a wholly extraordinary destiny.

Fans of magical adventures like Libba Bray’s Going Bovine, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and Emily Croy Barker’s The Thinking Woman’s Guide to Real Magic are sure to love this enchanting romantic urban fantasy.

Read on for an exclusive sneak preview of Jenna Ryan’s The Channeler. We hope you enjoy.

An Exclusive Novel Excerpt

Please enjoy this excerpt from Jenna Ryan’s The Channeler:

There are things about the universe we may never understand.

I’ve been told I’m a complex person, that I “think too much.” I don’t disagree with that; I’ve been having an existential crisis every day since I left my mother’s womb twenty-one years ago. My head is always busy, always wondering, always curious. I think some people, like me, just happen to be born with their brains in overdrive.

In their heads, there’s a whole world separate from the one they live in. People like us—people like me—just think differently than other people.

I always believed something was out there, in the vast unknown. I wondered what went on beyond the borders of our planet, or our galaxy, or whatever is outside our galaxy. Was there life on other planets? Was it anything like what we see in sci-fi films, where different species fight for their homes’ survival, and are their lives anything like ours? What about parallel universes, opposite worlds that are alternate versions of our own?

I also think about what is outside the universe. Is there an afterlife, or are we just gone once we’re “gone?” Is there a God? Multiple gods? Is the whole universe some ancient, all-powerful being that runs the whole damn show?

Or is there nothing at all?

This is the profound topic I’d settled on torturing myself with while getting dressed for class one autumn morning.


I jumped, startled from my thoughts by my aunt’s obnoxiously high-pitched voice. I rubbed my eyes and groaned, trying to talk myself into leaving my bedroom.

“I’ll be down in a minute, Nikki!” I called out to her, reluctantly sliding a blue t-shirt over my head. I stepped out into the narrow hallway and dragged myself into the bathroom to finish getting ready. I looked at myself in the mirror and scowled.

Standing at six feet tall, I could only see from my mouth down in the glass, the top of my head cut off by its frame. I ducked a bit to be more level with my reflection, and an exhausted college undergrad stared back at me. I examined the terrible shadowy bags beneath my electric-blue eyes, dark bruises I bore every day of my life, a constant reminder of my insomnia. I was a light sleeper, so every bump in the night, every creaky stair and floorboard in this godforsaken house caused my eyes to snap right back open. I never really knew why I was like that. I always assumed it was because of the random drop-ins from my unearthly winged friend, Gabriel.

And he wasn’t the only one of them I’d seen.

I’d never been able to figure out what they were exactly—Gabriel and the creatures like him. The first one I’d ever seen was Gabe, and he first came to me was when I was a toddler. And I remember it all vividly, because it is the first memory I have of anything.

I recall it was late in the day, sometime in the evening. I was in my footie pajamas, the kind that have buttons down the leg, and I was standing on my tippy-toes trying to peek out the window. I remember it was snowing hard on the front lawn, and I could just barely see the main road. My mother was making dinner for us in the kitchen. I think it was macaroni and cheese, because she’d kept reminding me not to go near the stove.

It had always just been my mother and me for as far back as I could remember. I never knew my father, but people my age being raised by a single parent was simply the social norm. My mom did her best to be happy all the time, but I had always felt my father’s absence. No one ever spoke of him, and after my mother died I didn’t care to ask. I always resented him for abandoning me and leaving my mother alone.

So, obviously, I was beyond confused when some random man—Gabriel—made a sudden appearance for the first time in my home that cold, winter evening.

Like a ray of sun through open blinds, I felt an intense heat on the left side of my face. It wasn’t painful, but it wasn’t quite pleasant, either. I turned in the direction of the warmth and looked up to see a man, an unfamiliar stranger, towering above me.

He was by no means, however, an ordinary man. He was lean, muscular, and wore an ancient-looking set of armor that could have been fashioned only by a smith sent from the gods themselves. And yet, his attire was nothing like I’d read in storybooks or seen in those cartoon gladiator movies. He had dark eyes, and when I looked into them, I could feel the wisdom and experience they carried. But the strangest, most incredible aspect of this man in my home was the enormous pair of silver-feathered wings growing out of his shoulder blades.

An overwhelming sense of calmness fill the room as I looked up at him. He smiled at me, his face chiseled and perfect, not a crevice or scar to be seen. I could sense he was as confused as I was; who was he, and how did he get into my house?


The winged man’s voice was so deep that I felt it vibrate in my chest as he said my name. I blinked and teetered on my feet, losing my balance briefly. The man chuckled and kneeled down to my height.

“You can see me,” he said, his statement sounding more like a question.

“Yes,” I squeaked. “Hi!”

This time, he laughed heartily, his voice rattling my chest again.

“Hello. My name is Gabriel.” His brow furrowed, and he tilted his brown-haired head curiously. My gaze traveled to the silver, shining wings on his back. The feathers looked light but tough, each one perfectly placed next to the other.

“Can I touch?” I asked the man, reaching my hand out toward his wings.

He smiled and nodded, taking my tiny hand in his. He leaned close to me and placed my hand on a group of feathers.

They were soft on my skin, but I could tell they weren’t the feathers you would find on a bird. They held a type of power that surged as soon as my fingertips brushed against them; it was almost as if they were coated in something protective, like the wood sealer my mom used on the kitchen table she’d built. Smooth but unscathed. The feathers were firm and strong, and they didn’t bend or break apart. My eyes widened.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, dropping my hand.

I peered over my shoulder, hoping wings would sprout, then looked back at Gabriel, whose face was still full of wonder and uncertainty.

“I have to go now, Caleb Swift,” the winged man said, rising to his feet. “I have to get back home.”

I grimaced impulsively, staring at the floor, so the man wouldn’t see the disappointment in my eyes. He was leaving already, and he had only just got here. Gabriel saw my expression and placed a hand on my shoulder.
“I can try to come back sometime if you would like,” he said, smiling down at me.

My head snapped up, and I grinned widely at Gabriel. “Okay.”

He nodded, gave a little wave goodbye, and he vanished right where he stood.

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