If you want to be more successful, get more done and achieve higher levels of income, you have to start scheduling your success. If a goal is important enough for you to write down and dream about, it’s far too important to just hope you’ll find the time to get it done.

Instead, you must invest the time on a consistent, daily basis to do the work that will help you achieve your goals. For most of us, that means we have to schedule these high priority activities into our calendar on a daily basis. Otherwise, other distractions and habits will take over and keep us from achieving what is most important to us.

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If you don’t actively fill up your daily schedule with your highest priority and most important work, it’s going to automatically get filled up with less important work. I can’t tell you what that other stuff will be for you, but I can tell you it probably won’t be the work you need to do to achieve your most important goals in life. When low priority activities take up too much of your time, you end up feeling like you’re just too busy to make real progress.

When you spend most of your time doing tasks that you don’t enjoy, or that you’re not good at, or that are not leading you where you want to go, your work and life becomes a struggle to succeed. The simple solution is to schedule your most important activities on a daily basis and ensure that you’re doing your most important work first and foremost.

Oh sure, you’d love to spend more time with your family and friends, work more on your dream projects and goals, and enjoy more vacations, but you’re just too busy. If that sounds like you, this book will help you get your time back. It’ll help you identify the low priority activities that are sucking your time and energy and keeping you from achieving the success you desire.

The first step is to create awareness. Your journey to a whole new level of productivity, success and fulfillment is just beginning when you start to realize the way you’re currently spending your time won’t get you where you want to go.

If you want change to happen, schedule it in your calendar.