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Do you write for a younger audience? Do your books feature sweeping themes that kids and young adults can relate to, but that also entertain and enchant grownups looking for an escape?

We want to help get your book out to young readers—and young-at-heart readers!—around the world. At TCK Publishing, we can publish your middle grade or YA book in ebook, print, and audiobook formats, and then distribute it to readers all over the world.

Publish Your Young Adult or Middle Grade Book

TCK Publishing is a full-service independent publisher, and we love publishing books for younger audiences!

When you send in your manuscript (just use the contact form below), we’ll review it within 14-21 days. We provide developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, design, layout, formatting, branding, distribution, marketing, and more for our authors—and we never charge any fees!

We’ll support you in creating and releasing your middle grade or YA book and we’ll help you market it after launch, as well as teach you what you’ll need to know to develop a full-time author career.

Submission Guidelines for YA and Middle Grade Books 

Have you written a YA or middle grade book? We’d love to hear from you! You must have at least three books planned or already written to publish with us. This will help us create a brand for your books and generate loyal readers that will continue buying your books, helping create a sustainable author career for you.

Each of the books must be well-written, unique, and professionally edited.

Below you will find a short list of the young adult and middle grade genres we are most interested in publishing.

If you don’t think any of these categories matches well with your book, you can still submit your manuscript at the bottom of this page and we will let you know if your book might be a good fit for us.

Middle Grade Fiction

Middle grade fiction is for younger readers who have graduated from basic picture books but might not be ready for some of the more mature concepts that turn up in young adult books. The Boxcar Children and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan are two examples of how diverse this genre can be. It can include stories of growing up, fantasy tales, science fiction, and more, but is always targeted to kids aged about 8 through 13.

We’re interested in all areas of middle grade fiction, from fantasy and science fiction to literary stories and humor!

Young Adult Fiction

This genre is for readers from age 12 to 18, although many adults also love YA fiction. The subject matter of young adult literature is typically consistent with the age and experience of the main character, but this area of publishing spans the spectrum of fiction genres and may include elements of other genres including fantasy, thriller, mystery, and adventure.

Some genres of young adult fiction we’re particularly interested in are:

Coming of Age: The classic YA tale can be literary, fantastical, science fiction, or beyond, but it always has to do with how someone emerges from childhood into being an adult. This often takes the form of the classic bildungsroman and shows us how the protagonist deals with the challenges and struggles of growing up to become a fully formed person.

Dystopia: Dystopias are visions of a future where something’s gone wrong. These can be somewhat gentle, like The Giver, or they can be brutal and shocking, like The Hunger Games. In all dystopias, some major or minor event has sent our future off into a harrowing direction and only the young protagonist seems able to do something about it, creating a society that seems more supportive and rational.

First Love: These sweet romances detail all the joys, excitement, and sorrows of falling in love for the first time. They’re typically not graphic and any steamy scenes usually fade to black quickly. They also often deal with the consequences of those steamy acts, if they happen! Heartache, crushes, love triangles, and more are explored in first love romance novels.

Historical: Historical YA fiction deals with the life of teens and young people in the past—think of an Edwardian teen or a teen growing up in ancient Rome. Coming of age in the past had a whole different set of struggles and challenges, but it also involved many of the same issues teens deal with today, like first love or a new job or figuring out their own identity. Historical YA novels are often extensively researched and really immerse the reader in their setting while also offering in-depth character development.

YA and Middle Grade Book Submissions

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What Does YA Mean in Writing?

“YA” refers to “Young Adult” Fiction, a category of fiction that is written primarily for audiences 12–18 years of age. However, while this fiction is targeted at adolescents, over half of YA readers are adults.

What Are YA Publishers Looking For?

At TCK Publishing, we’re particularly interested in any of the sub-genres outlined above. However, we’ll happily consider any great story that appeals to young adults while entertaining some grownups, too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions about publishing your children’s book with TCK Publishing, feel free to review our Publishing FAQ below.

More YA Publishing Options

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