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Do you dream up new worlds, fantastic futures, and alternate tomorrows?

If you write science fiction or fantasy, we can help you get your book professionally published, distributed, and marketed to avid sci-fi readers all over the globe!

Publishing Science Fiction

Science fiction is one of the most popular fiction genres today. Nearly 4,000 new science fiction titles are published on Amazon alone every month—there’s intense demand for new novels, but the market isn’t nearly as saturated as some other genres like romance or mystery.

Now is a fantastic time to publish your science fiction novel or series and become a full-time author.

But in order to focus on writing the best books you can, you might want some help from a knowledgable industry partner who can help you build your author platform while publishing and marketing your books.

That’s where TCK Publishing comes in!

About TCK Publishing

TCK Publishing is a full-service independent publisher, and we love publishing science fiction novels.

Here’s just a small sample of the publishing services we provide for science fiction authors:

  • Developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading (Our Senior Editor Jacob Mohr specializes in science fiction and fantasy editing)
  • Book cover design
  • Ebook formatting, design, and publishing
  • Paperback design, layout, and publishing
  • Audiobook narration, production, and publishing
  • Book reviewer outreach and marketing
  • Influencer outreach
  • Online advertising to promote your book (we pay for the ads)
  • We email our list of TCK Science Fiction readers
  • And much more! (See our FAQ for more information)

Although we’re more agile than a traditional publisher and can publish your books in a fraction of the time of most other traditional publishers, we don’t rush projects just to hit a deadline.

Our primary focus is on publishing great books, and that means we take the time to get the job done right and help you publish the best science fiction novel possible.

Submission Guidelines for Science Fiction Novels

We only accept submissions for science fiction novels that are at least 40,000 words in length.

Although science fiction obviously encompasses almost anything that your imagination can come up with, there are certain subgenres we’re particularly interested in publishing:

Hard Sci-Fi

Hard sci-fi focuses on the science part of science fiction. It gives detailed, scientifically plausible explanations of the futuristic technology or developments that are central to the plot—there’s often a lot of physics, chemistry, and biology involved. Plot and setting are key to a hard sci-fi novel; character development is often secondary, although the most successful hard sci-fi novels also include riveting characters that readers can identify with.


Dystopia focuses on what’s gone wrong in our future. One of today’s most popular science fiction genres, dystopias often focus on young adult protagonists who are trying to make sense of the world they’ve been born into. Often, that world is a dark reflection of the world we live in today, where some aspect of politics, technology, or culture has gone horribly wrong. The Hunger Games and Divergent are examples of hugely popular dystopian series.

Space Opera

Space operas feature sweeping dramas and adventure, often covering interstellar exploration or other grand settings. There’s frequently romance, danger, and warfare. Plot and character development are equally important, and there are often several intertwined plots where the actions of one character come to have major implications for another character.

Military Sci-Fi

This subgenre focuses on military life and conquests. The scope might be massive, in the case of an intergalactic war, or it might be focused on an individual soldier or a battle on a particular planet or asteroid. There’s lots of action, whether it’s ships locked in combat or two futuristic cyborg soldiers duking it out planetside.

Apocalyptic Sci-Fi

We all fear the end of everything we know, and that’s where apocalyptic science fiction comes in. When the world has ended—or is on the precipice of disaster—authors have free reign to imagine thrilling scenarios packed with action. Apocalyptic novels tend to deal with how normal people cope when the world around them crumbles, whether from a supervirus, nuclear war, zombies, or some other cause.

Alternate History

This subgenre reimagines history through the lens of science fiction (or, sometimes, fantasy). What would have happened if Napoleon wasn’t defeated? What if Ghengis Khan had made it to Europe? These tales span from intricately researched historical epics to modern-day settings that imagine what would have happened if X had been different (think of Amazon’s popular series Man in the High Castle, based on an alternate history book by sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick). One very popular sub-subgenre of alternate history is steampunk, which injects fantastical steam-powered inventions into Victorian settings.

Science Fiction Book Submissions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have questions about publishing your fantasy or science fiction books with us, see our Publishing FAQ or contact us with the form at the bottom of this page.

Best Selling Science Fiction Books

Here’s an example of one of our best selling science fiction books, Auxiliary: London 2039.

When police detective Carl Dremmler catches a man red-handed after killing his wife, the suspect claims his bionic hand malfunctioned and he couldn’t control it. Dremmler laughs it off as a bogus excuse until he discovers more clues that lead him to believe the omnipresent AI that is supposed to take care of us might have more sinister plans in mind.

Auxiliary is gripping, unpredictable, and bleakly atmospheric—ideal for fans of cyberpunk classics like the Blade Runner movies, Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon, William Gibson’s Neuromancer, and the Netflix original series Black Mirror.

More Science Fiction Books

You can find more of our science fiction books in our online bookstore.

Who Publishes Science Fiction?

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