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how to publish your business book

Are you the author of a business book looking for a publishing deal?

Do you have valuable knowledge, wisdom, and advice to share with readers who are looking to improve their business, investing, or financial knowledge?

If so, you might be in the right place.

We are a true no-fee independent book publisher with a track record of success publishing business, investing, finance, and career skills books.

We’re especially interested in publishing books related to:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business skills and advice
  • Marketing, sales, PR, and advertising
  • Personal and business finance
  • Investing and investment strategies
  • Career skills and advice

How to Get Your Business Book Published

You can submit a book proposal or completed manuscript on our submissions page.

We are a no-fee book publishing company (we do not charge any fees for submissions or publishing books). We earn all our profits from actually selling your book to readers all over the world.

We offer 50% gross royalties, which is significantly more than most traditional publishers offer. We also invest heavily in marketing books for our authors. You can learn more on our publishing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can see our Book Publishing FAQ to learn more about all the services we provide, our contract terms, and everything else you need to know about publishing your book with TCK Publishing.

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Some of Our Business Books

You can see a complete list of our business and investing books in our online book shop.

Here are some selected examples of books we’ve published in recent years:

One Hour Investor

Uncover a lifetime of financial knowledge in just one hour.

The Falcon Method

Beat the market and grow your cash flow without becoming a full-time investor.

You can see proof of our bestseller rankings here.

How do you publish a business book?

When it comes to publishing your nonfiction book, you can opt to self-publish, work with an independent publisher like TCK Publishing, or pursue a deal with a larger, traditional publishing company through your literary agent. (If you’re still trying to decide which path is best for you to publish your book, check out our post on traditional publishing vs. self-publishing.)

The most important thing to think about is the value you’re offering your readers, regardless of which publishing route you choose. As long as you’re writing a business book that will help readers and provide them with valuable insights, exercises, and ideas, you’re already on the right track.