TCK Publishing Royalties

TCK Publishing pays 50% gross royalties: Authors get paid 50% of any money we receive from their book sales or licensing.

In order to provide as much transparency as possible into our royalty structure and calculations, here’s a breakdown of our royalty rates and author earnings per book sold with TCK Publishing.

Our goal with our royalty structure is to:

  • Pay our authors significantly above average royalties from book sales so they can earn more from their books
  • Ensure that authors earn significantly above average portions of the licensing revenue from their books
  • Create a royalty structure that properly incentivizes us and the author to increase book sales as much as possible in all reasonable situations
  • Create a publishing business model that is more than fair for our authors
  • Create a model that is incredibly simple and easy-to-understand: 50% of the money we receive from the book gets paid directly to the author

How does TCK Publishing calculate royalties?

We pay our authors 50% gross royalties on all book sales, licensing revenue, and any other revenue generated from their work that we publish.

In other words, we pay 50% of the proceeds we receive from book sales or licensing to our authors.

TCK Publishing Book Royalty Rates

Book FormatRetail PriceAmount We Receive From RetailerGross Royalty RateRoyalty Earned by Author Per Book SoldRoyalty as % of Retail Price

Note: The numbers above are real numbers from one of our currently available nonfiction titles.

What does “gross royalty” mean?

The word “gross” in gross royalty refers to gross income, which, in this case, means the amount of money we receive as income from a book.

For example, if Barnes & Noble sends us $1,000 in royalties for a book, we pay $500 of that income directly to the author with our 50% royalty rate.

If a publisher in Germany decides to translate and publish the book in German and pays us a $5,000 advance on royalties along with 10% royalties once the advance is earned out, we pay the author 50% of the money we actually receive in our bank account from that publisher.

Why doesn’t TCK Publishing pay retail or list price royalties?

Other traditional publishers often choose to pay royalties based on the retail price of the book (called “list royalties” or “retail royalties”) from 5% for mass-market paperbacks to 7.5% for trade paperback to 15% for hardcover and as much as 25% for eBook and audiobooks.

We’ve chosen instead to pay 50% gross royalties because:

  • Authors will, in almost every case, earn more royalties per book sold this way (the possible exception being for audiobook sales assuming the author might get 25% list price royalties from another publisher)
  • This royalty structure is far simpler and easy-to-understand for authors
  • This royalty structure is far easier and less expensive to implement for our accounting team, thus saving us money and time, allowing us to pay authors more

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