Book Publishing Royalties

How much money can an author earn from book publishing royalties?

Every book deal and every contract is different because authors and their representatives (agents and attorneys) will often negotiate the contract. Also, traditional publishers will often offer different royalty rates, advances and other terms depending on the author, the book, their platform and other factors.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the average book publishing royalty rates from traditional publishers and how they match up against TCK Publishing’s royalty rates.

TCK Publishing Book Royalty Rates

TCK PublishingRetail PriceWholesale PriceTCK Royalty RateRoyalty Earned by Author Per Book SoldAuthor Earnings per 100 Books Sold

Traditional Book Publishing  Royalty Rates

Traditional PublisherRetail PriceWholesale PriceLow Royalty %High Royalty %Royalty Amount Earned by Author Per Book SoldAuthor Earnings per 100 Books Sold
Paperback$9.99$4.99**10%20%$0.50 to $1.00$50 to $100
Ebook$11.99$5.99**10%20%$0.60 to $1.20$60 to $120
Audiobook$19.99$9.99**10%20%$1.00 to $2.00$100 to $200

Book Publishing Royalty Comparisons

As you can see, TCK Publishing pays out 125% to 400% or more royalties per book sold than a traditional publisher would at comparable price points.

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*Paperback royalties from TCK Publishing will depend on printing costs. Generally speaking, the larger your book, the higher the printing costs and therefore the less your royalties per book sold would be.

**These are estimated wholesale prices based on the retail prices in the chart. Wholesale prices are the real price on which your royalties will be calculated in most publishing contracts. Pricing will vary from publisher to publisher, contract to contract, and book to book based on a variety of factors. Most authors don’t understand that royalties are almost always paid based on the wholesale price of a book, not the retail price the customer pays. Therefore, a 10% royalty from a traditional publisher may be far less than 10% of the actual retail price of the book.