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Do your books transport readers to a world of action, danger, and adventure around every corner?

If so, then you’re on the right page!

We at TCK Publishing would like to help you publish your adventure novel. We can distribute your book all over the world in ebook, paperback, and audiobook formats and help you build a successful, sustainable career as an author.

Publish Your Adventure Novel with TCK Publishing

TCK Publishing is a full-service independent publisher, and we love publishing adventure novels! We can publish your work as an ebook, paperback, and audiobook.

When you submit your manuscript, our experienced editors will review it and seriously consider your work for publication. If our editors love your work, we will offer you a publishing deal, and we’ll do all the developmental editing, copy editing, proofreading, design, layout, formatting, marketing, and promotion to make your book successful.

We do not rush publishing projects just to hit a deadline if the book is not ready. We pride ourselves on doing work quickly, but we want to make sure we get the job done right first and foremost.

TCK Publishing is independent, open-minded, flexible, and fast—but we’re still a traditional royalty-paying publisher!

We don’t charge fees to publish your book if it’s accepted and we do offer higher-than-industry-standard royalties.

We also help you learn how to build your author platform so you can market yourself and your books to create a sustainable full-time author income.

Submission Guidelines for Adventure Novels

We only accept submissions for novels of 40,000 words or more in length.

After you send in your manuscript using the contact form below, we will review it within 14-21 days.

Here are the the subgenres for adventure novels that we are most interested in publishing:

Epic Adventure: Epic adventure novels include stories full of grandeur and heroism. The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter could all be considered epic adventure novels.

Imaginary Voyage: This adventure subgenre creates a narrative in which utopian or satirical themes are woven into a story where the protagonist travels on a grand journey—but often, that journey isn’t real, or might not be real. Think about Gulliver’s Travels and you’ve got the idea.

Lost World: Lost world stories often combine elements of fantasy, science fiction, and adventure; they involve the discovery of lost places, lost races, lost cities, and lost lands. Often, they’re about the discovery of a new (or forgotten) world that is out of time, out of place, or both. Tomb Raider, Journey to the Center of the Earth, King Kong, and Dinotopia are all examples of stories involving a lost world.

Men’s Adventure: This adventure subgenre includes often horrifying tales of adventure or wartime feats of daring, exotic travel, conflict with wild animals, or vigilante crusaders. This was particularly popular during the heyday of pulp publishing, when thrilling tales of adventure by explorers like Allan Quartermain ruled the day.

Milesian Tale: This subgenre of adventure features a fable or folktale about love and adventure that often includes erotic and sexually themed content.

Steampunk: Set in an alternate past where steam power allows the use of incredible technology, steampunk novels often include sweeping elements of adventure and derring-do. Does your novel include swashbuckling airship pirates or swarms of invading steam-powered dino-bots? It’s probably steampunk!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of adventure books do you publish?

We publish all adventure subgenres (see the list of subgenres we are most interested in above). If you have written or are working on an adventure book or series, contact us here to see if it would be a good fit for us to publish your book.

Do you accept unsolicited adventure manuscripts?

Yes, we do accept unsolicited manuscripts in all major genres and nonfiction markets, including adventure.

See our submission guidelines here for more information.

Where will you publish my adventure book?

We publish books on Amazon Kindle in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Brazil, France, Japan, India, and many other countries.

Print books will be available throughout North America, Europe, parts of Asia, and possibly other countries if our distribution partners are interested in carrying your book.

Audiobooks will be published in the US on and will be available to customers internationally from Audible, Amazon and iTunes, the largest digital audiobook retailers in the world.

How much will I get paid for publishing my adventure novel?

We pay our authors 50% of net royalties and all payments received for subsidiary rights and licensing deals.

If we earn $10,000 in royalties for your book, you get paid 50% of that amount, or $5,000.

If we earn $5,000 for a 5-year deal to license German language rights for your book, you earn 50% or $2,500.

It’s just that simple: for every dollar your book brings in, you get half (which is 3-5x more than what a traditional publisher pays).

What publishing services do you provide?

We are a full-service independent publisher. That means we are able to provide every service you need from ghostwriting to developmental editing to publishing, marketing, promotion and more.

To learn more about the assistance we provide for editing, marketing, and promotion, you can check out our full list of publishing services.

Will my book be available in international markets?

Yes! Your book will be available all over the world in the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, Australia, Germany, Japan, and many other countries through Amazon and other distribution channels.

In addition, we actively market our titles to international publishers year-round as well as at the Frankfurt Book Fair and London Book Fair.

If you’re interested in foreign language rights for TCK Publishing titles, please contact us at [email protected]

How much does it cost to publish a novel?

At TCK Publishing, we do not charge our clients any fees to publish their books. We offer 50% royalties, which is much higher than the industry standard.

The only costs you might incur would be any additional marketing efforts you’d like to implement (such as the costs of software subscriptions or other tools) on top of the services we already offer.

I previously self-published my book, or my book was published by another publisher. Can I switch to TCK Publishing?

Yes, assuming your publishing contract allows you to switch, we can republish your book and begin marketing it for you.

If you self published your book, you can definitely switch to us right away. We have had many clients switch from self publishing to TCK Publishing and can make the process quick, easy and painless for you.

If you published your book with another publisher, you’ll need to look at your publishing contract to see if you still own the rights to your work. If you have questions about whether or not a previous publisher controls the rights to your work, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help.

How do I submit my manuscript?

Simply email us your typed manuscript in any digital format. We prefer Microsoft Word files in .doc or .docx format, but we can accept PDFs, .epub, .mobi and a variety of different file types. If your manuscript is in a different file format, just contact us and we can find a way to work with it or convert it to a workable file format.

If your manuscript was typed on a typewriter or handwritten, we will definitely want to get it typed into a word processor on a computer so that we can edit and publish it for you.

Submit Your Adventure Manuscript for Publishing Consideration

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To learn more about working with TCK Publishing, you can read our full FAQ page here.

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