Influencer FAQ

How is TCK different than other publishers/why should I do a book with TCK?

TCK Publishing pays 50% royalties, which is 3-6 times more than what other publishers pay.

We invest heavily in creating custom marketing plans for our authors, so you’ll actually get support when it comes to marketing your book. Some of the things we do for our authors include PR outreach, book review outreach, website creation and optimization, and creating automated email campaigns to turn your readers and subscribers into raving fans and repeat customers.

We also offer mastermind groups for our authors so you can learn from and grow with a community of likeminded creators who meet weekly to support and help each other.

We also actually respond to your emails and are happy to discuss issues with you on the phone. In my experience, you won’t find any other publisher that will be as responsive as TCK Publishing when you have a question or concern that you need help with.

Our CEO also provides free weekly trainings for our authors on marketing, personal development, hiring, management, scaling your business, organization, creating business systems that work, automation, and more.

What services does TCK offer?

In short, we edit, design, lay out, publish, distribute, and promote your book. We offer far more services than any other publisher, and you can learn more on our FAQ page.

What types of books do you publish?

We focus on publishing transformational books that will have a meaningful impact on our readers’ lives. We have a fiction and nonfiction department, and both departments publish mass-market books with wide appeal.

You can learn more about the specific genres we publish on our submissions guidelines page.

I’ve never thought about writing a book before; what would the process look like?

This blog post lays out the entire process of writing a nonfiction book. You should follow every step in that article except the part about finding an editor, because TCK Publishing will provide editors for you.

How much input would I have on the final product/design?

Our entire process is designed to give you as much input as possible in every aspect, from the book title and cover design to editing and proofreading to the book description and marketing copy.

How long does the process take?

I can’t tell you how long it would take you to write the book, but many authors are able to complete a workable first draft within 90 days if they set their mind to it and set aside at least 1 hour each day to write.

Once you send us the first draft, it normally takes between 4-6 months until the book is released.

How will a book expand my audience?

Your book will be the first exposure for many of your customers, so it’s a great “frond-end” product that will grow your audience. Since your book will be sold in different distribution channels, you’re getting access to new customers and fans that you would never have reached before.

What does TCK do to market my book?

As you probably know, it’s far better to invest money and time marketing a great product than it is to market a mediocre product. That’s why we focus as much energy as possible in helping you create a world-class book that will make an impact.

The #1 reason people buy books is word-of-mouth, so we will help ensure you create a book that is designed to make such a huge difference in your readers’ lives that they will naturally want to share it with others.

Once the book is released, we will promote the book using PR, online advertising, email marketing, joint ventures, content marketing, social media, influencer outreach, book reviewer outreach, and more.

We also help you create and implement a customized marketing plan tailored to your unique strengths and interests.

I’m already a successful blogger/small business owner/entrepreneur. I don’t have a lot of extra time to devote to book marketing once the book is finished. How do I know this won’t just make a lot of work for me?

If you can’t commit to putting in the work required to write a life-changing book and promote it successfully, then this probably isn’t the right fit for you right now.

We recommend waiting until you feel like writing, publishing, and marketing this book is something you just can’t wait to do to share your message with the world!