I just got back from a 90-day trip around the world and here are my biggest lessons I learned for success along the trip:

1) Do the little things really well.

I used to try to skip over the little things – but the little things are what set you apart from everyone else. For example, I went to a tailor in Bangkok, Thailand who made suits for President Obama, and both President Bush jr. and Sr. When I went into his store, it was completely packed full of people – there was a waiting list just to talk to the tailor!

Even though I had to wait, he kindly shook my hand, introduced himself, asked me if I wanted anything to drink (all the drinks were free, unlimited), and he asked me if I’d like to pick out my favorite colors/materials while I waited. This man is a master at the little things. That’s why his business is booming while the tailors next-door are barely scraping by. He’s a master at the little things – good customer service, creating a great product, treating people with kindness and respect. The little things pay off.

2) Do what you really want to do and listen to your inner voice.

I met a lot of people on my trip. Some incredibly poor, some incredibly wealthy, and everything in between. Some were happy and some were depressed.

I’ll tell you what though – the happiest people were always the ones who were doing what they wanted to do with their life. They’re the ones who listened to their inner voice that told them what they should do with their life instead of listening to the outer voices that tried to tell them what to do.

3) Take advantage of opportunities.

I met one man who grew up on the streets of Burma. He was so poor he lived in the streets from age 11 and had to feed himself by selling goods at a local market. After 12 years of selling in the streets, he ran into a man who offered him a job as a tour guide that came with significant training and education.

Even though he was making more money in the market, he took the job. Why? Because he saw the opportunity to get educated. Today, he’s happily married with a kid and he can afford to send his daughter to private school. That was his dream, and he achieved it because he took advantage of opportunities.

Well, I have an opportunity for you to learn more as well. I just released my new book Secrets of the Six-Figure Author. In this book, I share the principles of success I used to earn over $10,000 a month in Kindle royalties just one year after publishing my first book on Kindle.

Basically, the book shows you what it really takes to achieve your dreams – whatever your dreams are in life. It’s the book I wish I had read when I first started writing poetry at age 13, before I even knew it was possible for me to earn a full-time income as a writer.

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Secrets of the Six Figure Author

But the book is just the beginning. I’m going to be creating a video training series as well for you that will cover all the principles and strategies in the book, and go into even more detail on some of the key areas. The video training will be coming out shortly so make sure you read the book before then so that we can really dive deep into these principles for success in the video trainings.

More on the video training soon…

Here’s to your success!