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Let’s use Facebook Live to Promote your book!

With a Facebook Live video broadcast, you can reach your friends and fans faster than ever before. Facebook Live is hot right now for businesses, thought leaders, and authors because it helps you connect with your fans in a much deeper way through video and live interaction.

It’s kind of like speaking to a large audience at a convention or conference except you can do it from home any day of the week at a time that works best for you.

If you want to grow your personal brand and get publicity for your book, you should be taking advantage of the big opportunities that come with broadcasting on Facebook live.

How to Plan Your Facebook Live Presentation

You need to plan your presentation ahead of time so you know what you’re going to talk about and how you’ll be providing value to people who tune in live and watch the recording.

Consider some of these great options for your next Facebook Live broadcast:

  • You can do a Q&A session where you take questions from your audience and answer them on Facebook Live. You can take questions ahead of time to make sure you have plenty to talk about, or if your audience is already really large, just show up and take all the questions as they come.
  • Answer frequently asked questions readers have about you or your books
  • Conduct an interview—have someone interview you about your work or book, or interview an expert in your field
  • Prepare an educational presentation to teach your audience something that you think they should know. You can teach content from your book and then encourage listeners to buy the book to learn more at the end of your presentation.
  • Read an excerpt from your book and talk about it

Here are some more ideas for Facebook Live sessions to spur your creative thinking:

For Non-Fiction Authors:

  • Talk about something related to the subject matter of your book
  • Teach readers how to _____ (based on what you are trying to achieve in your book)
  • Your interests and background and what qualifies you to write on this subject matter, your life story and experiences, etc.
  • How and why you wrote your book
  • Broadcast live events (if you host workshops, give talks, or speak publicly)
  • Talk about your own strategies and motivation for doing the work you do

For Fiction Authors:

  • You could provide an interview by your publisher, editor, another author in the same genre
  • Talk about what inspired you to become a writer and create your story
  • What this book means to you and the significance of your story
  • What your book will evoke in the reader (think how you want the reader to feel, transform, be benefited by reading your book, for example… “I really wanted to really take readers on a journey to rediscover their…”, “through this book they will have that first hand perspective of how tough it was growing up in…” etc. )  
  • Give behind the scenes details about your book and the worlds/characters you have created

Where to Host Your Facebook Live

Do you have your own following on Facebook already? If so, you should broadcast on your personal profile and/or fan page to reach your followers directly on Facebook.

If you’re a member of a group who would be interested in your presentation, you can broadcast in that group (only consider doing this if the group already knows who you are and would definitely be interested in tuning in).

If you’re an author at TCK Publishing, you may be able to also broadcast your Facebook Live sessions to our followers on the TCK Publishing fan page.

How to Broadcast to Multiple Facebook Pages or Audiences

If you have more than one Facebook page or audience that you would like to broadcast to at the same time, watch this video to see how you can post to two of your pages at the same time (note: you must be an admin of both pages).

Other tips:

  • Use one device for the video and have a second device open so that you can review comments in real time and answer questions
  • Have someone else watching and responding to comments from a different desktop computer
  • Keep reintroducing yourself periodically through the video
    • Some people might be tuning in later
    • Make sure that In the description have links to both your book and your website or squeeze page (to build your email list, and if your one of our authors, use your book’s link!)
  • Keep it spontaneous and dynamic, don’t worry if you stutter or mess up your words
  • Encourage viewers to Like and share the video
  • Engage with commenters, and call them out by name

How to Use Facebook Live

Click here to learn how to start a Facebook Live broadcast.

How to Add Multiple Presenters

To have more than one person participate in your broadcast (think interviewer, co-author, etc. which can be a great way to double up your audience and cross promote):

  • All you need to do is start the broadcast by yourself
  • Then add someone who is watching live by tapping on their profile picture and clicking “invite them to broadcast”
  • They will have to accept your invitation and it will take a few seconds for them to join
  • To see the steps broken down watch this video

Facebook Live Example

Here is an example of a Q and A live stream that our editors did on our TCK Publishing Page:

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Tom Corson-Knowles is the founder of TCK Publishing, and the bestselling author of 27 books including Secrets of the Six-Figure author. He is also the host of the Publishing Profits Podcast show where we interview successful authors and publishing industry experts to share their tips for creating a successful writing career.