I’ve talked to thousands of authors and helped several clients earn a significant or full-time income from royalties and become bestselling authors. What separates those who are successful from those who fail?

The truth is, there are MANY things an author must do to become successful, and there is no one magic bullet for success and riches as a writer. There is, however, one strategy that is the MOST important strategy of all to master. You have to know a little bit about every area of authorship, including writing, editing, formatting, cover design, publishing and marketing, but there’s one area which any writer can focus on and which will yield the largest rewards financially as well as personally.

Full Time Author Income

If you guessed writing, you’re right!

But the key isn’t to focus on writing the perfect book, the key is to focus on becoming a better writer by writing many books.

Write More Books!

“Write more books!” is the mantra I constantly tell my publishing and consulting clients. It is the KEY to success for any author that will unlock the gold buried deep inside you. Everyone knows you have to write high quality books to become a successful author – but most authors think that writing a great book is about editing their first novel 73 times. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Editing is important and it’s a necessary process we all must go through as writers. But the key is to keep writing new books. ALWAYS be writing more books! If you’re editing your first novel right now, you better be starting your second novel. And if you’re editing your second book now, you better be writing your third book. And when you’re done with your third book, you better immediately start writing your fourth book, etc., etc., etc!

I tell people all the time that I didn’t start earning more than $10,000 a month in book royalties until I had published more than 10 books!

The Three Book Rules for Success

Basically, unless you publish at least three books in a particular genre or niche, your chances of earning any significant income from royalties are very low. Publishing books in very different niches – for example, a romance novel and a book on finances – is the same as an author who just has one published book – the chances of success are incredibly low, even with massive marketing resources.

Even if you have distribution in every bookstore in the world and you have $50,000 to blow on advertising, your chances of success with one book are very, very, very small. Your chances of success with 10 published books, however, are incredibly high – especially if they are all in a similar niche or genre. This way, whenever a reader finished one of your 10 books and loves it, they can go and buy your other nine books. But if you write one romance novel, a book on finances, two books on gardening, one book on marriage, and a steampunk novel, no reader in their right mind would think that just because they liked your romance novel they will love your gardening books! And so you won’t benefit from one of the biggest sources of book sales – sales from your audience. Because if you don’t have more than one book in a niche or genre, you won’t have an audience as an author!

Our goal at TCK Publishing is to help all of our clients earn a full-time income as authors, and if that sounds like what you want and you’re willing to write at least three books in one niche or genre in order to give yourself a reasonable chance of success, I’d love to talk more. You can contact us here and we can see if it would be a good fit to work together.