Seth Godin is an icon in the online marketing, blogging and tech world.

He’s also an incredibly successful author with several self published books as well as many traditionally published books for which he gets offered way-above-average advances.

permission marketing cover seth godin

Seth’s amazing book Permission Marketing.

I just checked out some of Seth’s new books on Amazon, and as I was browsing his author page I noticed something very interesting…

The site reads,


“Books by Seth Godin

Showing 1 – 12 of 78 Results”


78 results? Seth Godin has published 78 different books on Amazon. That’s serious commitment.

And some people still call him an “overnight success” as an author.

The last time I checked, it’s pretty hard to write 78 books overnight. In addition, he has many audiobooks, audio CD kits, and audio programs as well. That’s a lot of content. We’re talking thousands and thousands of pages of writing and hundreds of hours of audio content.

Not just one little 10,000 page ebook he threw together in a week.

And this, my nonfiction author friends, is the secret to success. Keep writing. Keep creating wonderful, amazing, helpful content for your audience. Keep building your emails list. Keep writing blog posts. Keep sharing on social media. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Every little bit of writing counts. It all adds up. Each book helps create more readers and more momentum. If you’re not up to 78 books yet, you’ve still got some work to do if you choose to embrace it.

If you have only sold five books in your lifetime so far, be grateful for those five sales. Realize that it could be the beginning of something amazing, powerful and life-changing if you continue down this path. You’re just starting. Now keep moving forward.

Keep going, my friends. Never give up.

Being a nonfiction author is a wonderful gift to yourself, to your readers, and to the world. You really do make the world a better place.

Today, I’ll leave you with this quote that has always stuck with me and helped me live a better life ever since I heard it:


“Don’t wish for things to be easier; wish you were better. Don’t wish for less challenges; wish for more skills.” – Jim Rohn