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Do you think you have what it takes to write hair-raising horror? Whether you’re just starting out or on your way to becoming the next Stephen King, sharpening your writing skills is one of the best ways to ensure writing success.

With the intention to spur feelings of fear, shock, or disgust, the horror genre is part of the speculative fiction genre. If you want to write excellent horror, it wouldn’t hurt to have some secret skills up your sleeve.

Horror Writing Classes

Here are 9 Horror Writing Classes you can invest in to spin that spine-tingling novel. You might also like to read about sci-fi and speculative fiction writing workshops.

1. Let’s Write Horror

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Let’s Write Horror is an introductory class about the art of terrifying storytelling. Each video will discuss a theme and offer prompts for you to write about. The best thing is that feedback is highly encouraged, so you can learn from the instructor and your peers.

With Let’s Write Horror, you’ll also discuss and write about horror staples and the viewpoints that they’re built upon.

Topics Include:

  • Structure
  • Plot
  • Characters
  • Writer’s block

Price: $15/month for a Skillshare subscription

2. How to Write Your Own Horror Novel

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Learn how to develop fascinating characters with How to Write Your Own Horror Novel. You’ll discover techniques for creating compelling character arcs and draft outlines for full-sized books.

You’ll also learn the key elements of the horror genre and write stories that will captivate readers.

Topics Include:

  • Elements of horror
  • Creating characters
  • Story writing

Price: $70

3. Learn to Write Horror with Examples

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The course Learn to Write Horror with Examples has a more practical approach to revealing the basics of writing horror. You’ll learn from classic examples that will give you the inspiration to pen your own spooky tales.

Topics Include:

  • Perspective
  • Opening
  • Conflict
  • Climax 

Price: $15/month for a Skillshare subscription

4. So You Want to Be a Horror Writer?

So You Want to Be a Horror Writer Image

So You Want to Be a Horror Writer will walk you through the basics of writing horror and the modern horror marketplace.

Figure out how to take charge of your horror-writing career and learn the elements of a compelling, blood-curdling story!

Topics Include: 

  • Horror story elements
  • Horror novel writing

Price: $50

5. Write Your First Short Horror Story: The Bare Bones

Write Your First Short Horror Story: The Bare Bones Image

Discover how to start your very first horror story with Write Your First Short Horror Story. You’ll learn how to develop ideas and craft a satisfying ending.

Discover every part of the process as shown in each module, and learn which cliches to avoid.

Topics Include:

  • Ideas and cliches
  • Opening line and paragraphs
  • Conflict
  • Climax

Price: $15/month for a Skillshare subscription

6. How to Write a Supernatural Short Story

How to Write a Supernatural Short Story Image

How to Write a Supernatural Short Story will teach you how to find your topic and create a spooky atmosphere. You’ll also learn how to set up and end your story.

Topics Include:

  • Intro
  • Topic
  • Plot

Price: $15/month for a Skillshare subscription

7. Online Horror Writing Workshops

Learn how to pace your story to maximize frights and keep your reader engaged with Online Horror Writing Workshops. The course will also show you how to craft a happy horror ending (and not-so-happy endings) alike.

The course includes live and recorded discussions and lectures, where you can receive critiques from fellow students and the instructor.

Topics Include:

  • How to hook readers with a compelling beginning
  • Creating the right atmosphere and tone for your story
  • Finding unique twists on old ideas
  • What will result in an automatic rejection of your story 

Price: $99

8. The Horror, The Horror

The Horror, The Horror class begins with the assumption that there’s more to horror fiction than shock or revulsion. You’ll learn the history of horror fiction and how to chart new directions in the field.

The course is built upon the view that horror is as capable of art as any other kind of fiction. In four weeks, new horror writers will take you through the elements that form a better horror story.

Topics Include:

  • Write vivid characters who engage the reader
  • Create dynamic narratives that engage the conventions
  • Experiment with narrative form

Price: $397

Learn From the Experts

The best teachers are those who came before us. Why not take advantage of their knowledge by signing up for a horror writing class?

You might also check out some general writing workshops to hone your writing skills.

What’s your favorite horror story? Let us know in the comments below!


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