Graphic novels are unique in the book world—and they’re not just for comic book readers anymore. These illustrated novels can tell stories of any ilk, fiction and nonfiction, fanciful and mundane. They can be outrageous and colorful, or simple and stylized.

No matter what your graphic novel is like, getting it published will require a literary agent who understands the medium and knows industry editors who specialize in graphic novels.

The Best Graphic Novel Literary Agents

Below is our list of graphic novel literary agents.

We highly recommend you to read our full guide to finding a literary agent and make sure you do your research before writing a query letter or contacting any literary agents.

1. Rob Arnold

Agency: Aevitas Creative Management

2. Caryn Wiseman

Agency:  Andrea Brown Literary Agency

3. Nicole Aragi

Agency: Aragi, Inc.

4. Anjali Singh

Agency: Ayesha Pande Literary

5. Emily Forland

Agency: Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc

6. Tanya McKinnon

Agency: McKinnon Literary

7. Alexander Cochran

Agency:  Conville & Walsh Ltd.

8. Susan Graham

Agency: Einstein Literary Management

Manuscript Wish List:

Updated: will reopen for submissions on January 1, 2020

9. Jessica Felleman

Agency:  Foundry Literary and Media

Manuscript Wish List:

10. Diana Fox

Agency: Fox Literary

11. Sam Stoloff

Agency: Frances Goldin Literary Agency

12. Gordon Warnock

Agency: Fuse Literary

13. Dara Hyde

Agency: Hill Nadell Literary Agency

14. Kate McKean

Agency: Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

Manuscript Wish List:

15. Jessica Mileo

Agency: Inkwell Management

Manuscript Wish List:

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