The Publishing Profits Podcast Interview Flow

What makes for a great interview on The Publishing Profits Podcast show? On this page, I’ve outlined how the interviews work, what makes a great show for our listeners and what you need to do to be prepared.

For Publicists and Assistants

If you’re a third-party scheduling an interview on behalf of your client or employer, you MUST send us the personal email of the person to be interviewed. If we do not receive this information 72 hours before the interview is scheduled to start, it will be canceled.

Interview Duration

20-40 minutes. Please schedule 60 minutes in your calendar for the interview.

1. Intro

  • I record all intros and extros after our interview is recorded, so I can customize them based on our discussion.

2. The First Question

  • Tell us about your background and how you got started as an author/entrepreneur/artist?

3. The Main Interview

During the main interview, I like to keep things free-flowing yet focused on a main topic. I don’t use scripts, and the only question that I ask in every episode is The First Question and The Last Question. Everything in between is fair game :)

If you could only share one key idea, insight, tool or strategy with our listeners, what would it be?

Guests who have a clear idea of what they want to share tend to produce a much higher quality interview and get a better response from our listeners.

During the interview, I’ll continue to ask questions designed to get you focused on your area of expertise and to help clarify the main ideas, concepts and strategies our listeners can use to improve their careers, their life and their business.

4. The Final Question

  • Where can people find out more about you and what you’re currently working on?

This is your opportunity to share your website, books, blog, podcast show or anything else you’re currently working on. You’ll generally get the best response by only sharing one or two websites with a very clear reason for listeners to visit, such as “Go to my website to get your free worksheet on how to write a query letter.”

About Our Audience

Our audience is primarily authors, although many entrepreneurs, bloggers, and online marketers listen to the show as well. Generally, our target audience is comprised of creative people who want to learn how to turn their ideas into life-changing books, products and experiences for the world.

How the Interview Works

All interviews are recorded via Zoom video conferencing. I will send you an invite to the Zoom video meeting five (5) minutes before our appointed time to the email address you used to contact me.

Please make sure to use a reliable microphone so that we get good audio quality from your end. Generally, the audio quality on your computer’s microphone will be quite poor. One of the biggest things that will determine how many people listen and how long they listen to the interview is good audio quality, and remember it will be a video interview as well so dress for the occasion.

The video interviews will be posted on my YouTube channel podcast playlist here.

The audio podcast episodes will be published on the website at and on iTunes here.

Tips on Improving the Interview Sound Quality

Make sure to speak into the mic you’ll be using.

Remember to remain in front of your microphone. Guests who weave back and forth or front to back as they talk can fade in and out of the recording which can make it very difficult for listeners to hear you, even after extensive audio edits.

Make sure you do NOT to touch the microphone or the table it is on. The “bumps” can be quite irritating and sometimes very difficult to cut out.


Can I do the interview on my iPad, smartphone or other tablet?

No! You must be at a desktop or laptop with a high speed internet connection and microphone. Please make sure you’re in a quiet environment with little or no background noise as well.

When will my interview be posted?

We publish interviews once a week, every Friday morning. We usually keep a backlog of 4-8 episodes, so most guests have to wait one to two months after recording before the interview is published.

What microphones do you recommend?

I use the Blue Yeti in my office and the Blue Snowball when traveling.

Recording Agreement: By participating in the Publishing Profits Podcast interview, you agree to allow TCK Publishing to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow TCK Publishing to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.