what is electro pollution and how you can stay protected 

Most freelance designers, writers, and other creatives spend a lot of their time sitting in front of a computer screen. But what you may not know is that while you’re typing away, you may be exposing yourself to harmful “electromagnetic frequencies” that studies have proven can affect the immune system and even contribute to disease.

Thankfully, there are ways to stay protected from electro-pollution—and maybe even boost your productivity to boot!

What are EMFs?

EMF stands for “electromagnetic field.” And to know exactly what that is, one must dive a little into the world of modern physics. Not to worry—there’s no complicated math equations needed!

Basically, EMFs exist everywhere around us even though we can’t see them—and in reality, they are neither bad nor good. In fact, naturally occurring EMFs are the result of the pressure of the ionosphere (called the Schuman Resonance) and the frequencies of the earth (called geomagnetics). They’re a necessary part of the earth’s relationship with the cosmos. Natural EMFs help the earth maintain its gravitational field and weather patterns, assist the oceans in keeping tide schedules, and let fish and birds navigate.

As electricity-based beings, humans are part of the EMF cycle, too. We can maintain optimal health for our minds and bodies when we resonate with the frequency of the earth, which at this time is around 7.8 Hz.

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Why Manmade EMFs are Harmful

EMFs can be measured in terms of three elements of their “waves:” frequency, intensity, and shape. Manmade sources of EMFs are “electro-pollution” because their frequency and intensity is not in alignment with the natural EMFs that support life.

An analogy compares different kinds of EMFs to different kinds of wind conditions: A light, cool breeze while walking on the shore can be refreshing, uplifting, and even healing. A tornado, however, can blow you away. You wouldn’t want to be in the middle of one!

Here are some sources of harmful, manmade EMFs that you may be exposed to every day (some of them may surprise you!):

  • Cell phones, especially smartphones with 4G or 5G (coming soon)
  • Wi-Fi routers (this includes community-wide Wi-Fi, such as in schools or entire cities)
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Office equipment like printers, faxes, and surge protectors
  • Electrical poles, especially ones with transformers (these are the poles with large metal boxes at the top)
  • Kitchen appliances, such as toasters, coffee makers, and blenders
  • Bathroom appliances like hair dryers, curling irons, and electric shavers
  • Bedroom appliances such as alarm clocks, electric heating pads, and electric blankets
  • Induction stoves
  • Microwave ovens
  • SMART meters

The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies EMFs like the kind emitted by Wi-Fi routers and cell phones as Group 2 carcinogens and as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” They acknowledge some studies which link cell phone use in particular to increased risk of brain cancer. Here are some common symptoms associated with overexposure to harmful EMFs or electro-pollution:

  • Memory loss and fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Poor concentration
  • Sleep disturbances, including insomnia and poor quality of sleep
  • Impaired immune system
  • Increased risk of neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, ADHD/ADD, anxiety, and depression
  • Cardiac and blood pressure changes
  • Reduced production of vital hormones such as melatonin and thyroid hormones
  • DNA damage
  • Possible increased risk of diabetes
  • Possible increased risk of cancer

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7 Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself from Electro-Pollution

All this information may be overwhelming, especially if you are learning about it for the first time. Take heart, however! There are a lot of simple actions you can take to protect yourself from electro-pollution and the harm EMFs may cause to your health.

1. Know what to look for.

Hopefully, this article will help! The internet is also chock-full of information about EMFs. Here are some good sources for further reading: Microwave News, ElectricSense, The American Academy of Environmental Medicine, The Environmental Illness Resource, and The Weston Price Foundation.

2. Hardwire your computer and turn off your Wi-Fi router.

This is easy to do, and can greatly help your energy, sleep patterns, and overall health. It’s a good idea to also turn off cell phones (or at least put them on “airplane” mode) and sleep at least 10 feet away from alarm clocks and other devices as well.

Not convinced of the health threats of Wi-Fi routers? Think again. A Danish science experiment conducted by a group of ninth graders made headline news four years ago when the students from Hjallerup Skole school in Denmark placed trays containing some seeds in a room with no Wi-Fi and another tray in a room that had a Wi-Fi router. After 12 days, the seeds in the room without Wi-Fi displayed normal growth while the ones next to the routers did not. In fact, some of the seeds turned black and died. Their classroom experiment has prompted a slew of other studies regarding Wi-Fi routers and various health risks, especially for children.

3. Use your phone thoughtfully.

Don’t keep your cell phone in your pants pocket or bra and use the speaker function on your cell whenever possible. Whenever you put your cell phone near any part of your body, a sensor in each of your cells gets triggered by the invading high-intensity radio waves. Because the cells want to protect themselves from these waves, they will introduce a flood of biochemical reactions. This includes “stress proteins” that can harden cells, preventing toxins from escaping and causing inflammation. When a cell phone is held up to the ear for long periods of time, this process can also compromise the blood-brain barrier, which can also lead to brain tumors. A recent report found that half an hour of close-range cell phone use without protection can increase brain tumor risk by 40%!

The good news about all this is that such harmful effects can be quickly reversed by getting in the habit of using your speakerphone when you have a conversation on your cell phone and never putting your cell in your bra or pants pocket.

4. Unplug from all electronics at least an hour before bed.

“Blue wavelength” light that is emitted from electronic devices, including televisions, can affect sleep patterns and melatonin production. Melatonin induces quality sleep and also helps protect against cancer by boosting the immune system.

5. Move your bed away from EMF sources. 

A whole article could be written about the health dangers of SMART meters. These high EMF-emitting devices can be seen on the outside walls of most homes in the US these days and which have documented health risks associated with them. Make sure that your bed is as far away from these units as possible. Also, do not sleep close to electrical transmitter lines to avoid electro-pollution overload while you sleep.

6. Utilize EMF protection devices.

Many of these devices utilize state-of-the-art technology to neutralize harmful EMF waves before they affect cells. Devices can be put on cell phones or wireless routers, worn on the body as a pendant, or plugged into a wall. Devices also exist to neutralize harmful EMFs being emitted from SMART meters as well.

7. Find ways to “ground” regularly.

There was a time before manmade EMFs (and before rubber-soled shoes) when the average prehistoric individual spent most of his or her time walking barefoot on the earth. When this was the case, his or her body was “in sync” with the natural frequencies of the planet. Of course, in today’s world, it is not feasible for the majority of us to go without shoes for at least 12 hours a day!

Still, there are techniques that can help us maintain at least minimal resonance with the earth’s life-giving 7.8 Hz at least some of the time. One of these techniques is called “grounding.” It’s easy to do: whenever you get a chance (maybe on your next work break?), take off those shoes and stick your bare feet on the earth. Wiggle your toes in the dirt or sand; not only is this healing for your body, it’s kind of fun too!

Of course, there are also fancy tools to help you maintain an earth-balancing resonance in the midst of an electro-polluted world. Grounding mats, also called earthing mats, and “Pulsed Electromagnetic Field” mats are available online and can be used daily.

It may sound like science fiction that something you cannot see, smell, hear, or touch could affect your health this much. Electro-pollution is real, though—and an increasing number of individuals are beginning to feel the effects of electro-sickness every day. You can protect yourself with the right knowledge, tools, and techniques to keep it at bay every day!

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