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Going old-school with some of your branding and promotions doesn’t have to mean being boring.

While certain classic techniques like having business cards to promote your work can be good strategies for a modern writer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, you don’t have to limit yourself to stuffy corporate designs.

Remember: your personal branding should you and your business. If you’re in a creative field, make your cards creative!

If you’re a clean, green, health-focused writer, choose a design that echoes that focus, possibly with lots of white space and green text.

Hard-charging business consultant with a book to promote? Share that through your business card’s visual design—carry through your brand’s logo and style, but add your book’s title and some of the elements used in its cover design.

If you apply the themes and ideas from your business or personal values to your business card, you’re automatically translating your brand’s signature style to the rest of your branding, making a consistent experience for your potential customers.

Creative Business Card Ideas

We’ve rounded up some great author business card ideas, templates, and more to help you get inspired to create your new cards!

custom business cards zazzle

Lots of us started out scribbling in composition books as kids. Why not celebrate that with your business card? You can customize these fun cards with Zazzle, including choosing from several colors.

memoir writers business cards

Go for an elegant, custom look with super-heavy textured paper and a gorgeous watercolor of an inkwell and quill. This design by Pikake Press is ideal for memoir writers, narrative nonfiction authors, and writers who do a variety of different genres and topics, like freelancers.

cool business cards for writers

Go boldly vertical with a cool card from Zazzle that puts your writing skills on display and includes options for adding extra contact information or book titles on the back.

Mallory Hope Design business cards

A chalkboard card speaks to your writing prowess and how you’re always creating, plus this clever design has plenty of room to include all your social media information to make it easy for new fans to follow you. Order them on Etsy from Mallory Hope Design.

Photoshop business card template for writers

With a little graphic design know-how—or an inexpensive Photoshop template—you can make a business card that looks a little like a hardcover book with accent-color spine!

There’s plenty of room for all your contact information, but everything is presented neatly so that your fans can easily follow you.

best author business cards


Most printing companies will let you do a full-cover front and an inexpensive black and white back for your business cards. Turn the standard on its head by making the color side your “back” and the b&w the front.

Just put your name and contact information front and center on the black and white side, then use the glossy color side to full advantage by putting images of your most recent work on it, like author Michael J. Sullivan has.

Jacqueline Whitmore author business cards

Want to promote a specific book? Consider your business card a tiny promo for that book and include the cover, buying information, your name and website, and maybe even some tips or highlights from the book.

Remember, the more value you add for your audience, the better you’ll connect with them—and you can start that process with your business card like author Jacqueline Whitmore does!

Photoshop business card template faux

Or go even more elaborate with a faux book card that really makes you take a second glance!

You’ll need Photoshop to customize this design, but it’s well worth the time and $4 template cost for the great impression you’ll make!

minimalist business card by author Erin Bowman

Business cards are a way to keep the conversation going with your audience—so why not carry over your writing skills to make your business card a tiny conversation of its own?

Author Erin Bowman did just that with her fun, minimalist business cards—they have a fairy tale-inspired note on the front and a little personal introduction on the back.

bright business cards for writers

Stack the deck with an array of bright cards from Moo that include a variety of different graphic typewriters on one side and all your key contact information on the other.

clean business card design by Zazzle

Go clean and simple with a card that simply says what you do inside big, bold quotes. No matter what you write, you can’t go wrong with this Zazzle design! Swap out the phone and fax for your website and Twitter or Facebook info, to make it easier to connect.

business card name tag by ZindiePop

Want something memorable and a little funny? How about a business card based on those nametags we’ve all had to wear at conferences and meetings?

If the point of a business card is to be remembered, this one has you covered. It’s especially good for humor writers and freelancers who cover a lot of different topics and don’t want to box themselves in. Order them from ZyndiePop.

library checkout business cards by Olivia Waite

What writer doesn’t have fond memories of checking out books as a kid? Grin a little every time you hand out one of your new library check-out business cards. Romance and sci-fi author Olivia Waite designed these specifically to showcase a list of her books—what a great idea!

business cards templates by Zazzle

Put pen to paper—and to business card—with a streamlined Zazzle design perfect for any writer. It even includes space for a tagline on the back!

business card design by Foreign Policy for Paul & Marigold

Consider getting a simple business card printed on both sides, then folding it in half to create a miniature “book” as your signature card style! Design firm Foreign Policy designed these especially for publisher Paul & Marigold, but you can use the same basic idea on your own with just a little creative layout work and some folding.

Business Card Inspiration

Between customizable cards from various printers and designers, inexpensive Photoshop templates, and some creative tweaking of basic ideas, you can come up with a unique business card that really reflects who you are and what you write.

Let your creativity shine through with your business card and build your brand both online and off!

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