Cole Salao

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Cole is a blog writer and aspiring novelist. He has a degree in Communications and is an advocate of media and information literacy, as well as responsible media practices.

He’s been a director, scriptwriter, host, videographer, and radio DJ for various projects in his hometown.

He loves learning about new things and dedicates a few hours a week to just surfing the internet in search of new stuff to obsess over.

Aside from his interest in technology, crafts, and food, he’s also your typical science fiction and fantasy junkie. He spends most of his free time reading through an ever-growing to-be-read list. (It’s either that, or procrastinating over actually writing his book. Wish him luck!)

Favorite Books: On Writing, Mistborn, Smaller and Smaller Circles

Favorite Authors: Brandon Sanderson, David Gemmell, C.S. Lewis

Favorite Time to Write: Noon (Bonus if it’s raining!)

Favorite Genres: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Writing Pet Peeve: Confusion between similarly spelled words

Favorite Hobbies: Video games, Reading, Food

Favorite Place: Rooftops