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Want to see listen to some of our audiobooks? You can check out our bestselling audiobook titles on Audible here.

Examples of Our Published Audiobooks

The White Butterfly is a historical romance novel set in Post-World War I England. The audiobook version sells very well on Audible.

The White Butterfly Historical Romance Audiobook cover

How to Become Fluent in Spanish, a #1 bestseller on Amazon by our client John Del Gaudio, is a great example of the kind of audiobook production and publishing we can do.

Fluent in Spanish Audiobook

Audiobook Publishing Resources

If you need some help getting started or if you’re still unsure about audiobook publishing, check out our guides on how to make and publish an audiobook and how to record an audiobook.

Why You Should Record an Audiobook

There’s never been a better time to record an audiobook and take advantage of all that the medium has to offer—and take your sales goals to the next level.

Here’s why creating your audiobook is a smart choice:

  • Nostalgia: Audiobooks tap into childhood memories of being read to or hearing “books on tape”—which is especially valuable in an era when nostalgia itself is at a premium.
  • Time: Your readers are busy. They might not have huge chunks of time to devote to reading a physical copy of your book, but audiobooks let them experience your book in those chunks of time they can’t do anything else, like during their morning commute.
  • New Markets: Today, there are book-buyers who forgo paper copies altogether, choosing to exclusively listen to the books they buy. Recording an audiobook lets you tap into a voracious market of audio-only readers, one you never could have accessed otherwise.
  • Creative Control: The experience of reading is not a one-sided affair. To “create” a story, author and reader cooperate to conjure the images and sounds of a fictional world; and for a nonfiction book, reader participation is required to absorb the ideas and information contained in the pages.

An audiobook gives the author (you!) a little more control over how a book is presented—you or a narrator of your choosing supply the voices of the characters, and music and sound effects can create whatever mood you desire for the recording.

Audiobooks are on the rise, presenting opportunities you just can’t afford to ignore. Do right by your book—and your readers will perk up their ears.

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