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Sez KristiansenSez Kristiansen is an acclaimed poetess and creative writer, born in South Africa. She has travelled extensively throughout her life and lived in some of the most remote parts of the world, including many years spent in Sri Lanka deepening he spiritual practice. After having two children, Sez settled into a more conventional life and became a creative writer for some of the biggest fashion brands in Europe. After years of struggling with anxiety and chronic depression due to the societal pressures of being a mother and working full-time in the fashion industry, Sez redesigned and downsized her entire life to fit the freedom and wanderlust she once resonated so deeply with. Sez now lives in a commune in Denmark with her Viking husband and children and continues to travel adventurously throughout the world with her young family. Sez empowers people with transformational guidance for mind, body, and soul that inspire her readers to live truly unique, unconventional, and untethered lives, driven by their own blueprint of freedom. Sez will awaken you to your own free-spirited nature so you can find your inner guidance to your own authentic, abundant, and deeply nourishing life.



Inspired Mama


Sez’s recent best-selling release with TCK Publishing is Inspired Mama: The Empowered Mother’s Guide to an Intentional Life


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