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Peter Wood has long been acknowledged as a heavyweight champion of boxing literature. His novel, To Swallow a Toad, featuring an introspective and emotionally damaged teenager entering a boxing tournament earned him a devoted following and reams of critical acclaim.

To Swallow a Toad was later optioned for film by producer Steve Nicoleides. Because of Toad’s success, it was re-released in 2008 with the title—Confessions of a Fighter.

Peter, a tough middleweight Golden Gloves Finalist in Madison Square Garden, was asked to represent America in the 1976 Maccabean Games held in Tel Aviv, Israel. He declined and decided to begin hitting the books instead. He graduated from Fordham University in 1976 with a BA in Communications; Ohio State in 1984 with a BS in education, and The College of New Rochelle with an MS in school administration in 1990.

But Peter was always writing. His follow-up book, A Clenched Fist, written with the same honest, hardcore prose he is known for, was completed while teaching English, and coaching football, baseball, and boxing at White Plains High School.

In 2012, he made his off-Broadway acting debut in Kid Shamrock at The TADA Theater, and in 2017, he appeared in the New York City indie film, The Expediter. In addition to acting, Peter has written two full-length plays, Candy Bars and Our Similarities Are Different—both produced in regional theatre in Westchester, New York.

Peter also switched canvases, becoming a painter who has enjoyed numerous art shows in Manhattan, Easthampton, NY, and the Midwest. One of Peter’s paintings was featured in the Katonah Museum of Art.

Peter and his work have appeared in a variety of media outlets including a guest column in the New York Times, interviews on ESPN, and on the Sally Jessie Raphael Show, WOR’s The Joey Reynolds Show, and WFUV. His articles have appeared in Commonweal, America, Ring, Boxing Illustrated, Westchester Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Proof,, and His feature article in Sporting Classics has been anthologized in its 25th Anniversary leather-bound edition featuring their 40 finest pieces of writing.

Born in New York City and raised in New Jersey, Peter is married to his artist wife, Susan, they have a talented daughter, Zoe, who is now a proud Bowdoin College graduate.

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