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Mary Christian PayneMary Christian Payne is an accomplished business woman who has held high ranking, management positions with Fortune 500 companies in New York City, St. Louis, Missouri, Orlando, Florida and Tulsa. She is a recipient of the Mayor’s Pinnacle Award in Tulsa for directing a highly successful program at The Women’s Resource Center at the University of Tulsa. All of these positions involved significant amounts of writing. She has also acted as a speech writer for high profile political figures and for executives of major corporations.


She is now a retired Career Psychologist. She was the founder and President of Transitions Counseling Center in partnership with her father, the retired CEO of a four billion dollar retail organization. She has taught seminars throughout Oklahoma. Mary Christian is a world traveler and has spent extensive time in England which inspired her to write novels set in Great Britain. The era of World War II has always held tremendous appeal for her, and she is a committed Anglophile. The daughter of an Army Major during World War II, she grew up hearing countless stories of that tumultuous and romantic time.


Mary lost her husband in June, 2015, after 33 years of marriage. The grief process brought a lull to her writing, but she found that putting words on paper helped immensely. She is now in the process of writing her second novel since his death. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with her beloved Maltese dog and a newly adopted stray kitten. She is also the mother of two adult children and three grandchildren.


Mary is the author of the bestselling Somerville Trilogy series, including Willow Grove Abbey and St. James Road.




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