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Debbie Drum is a bestselling author, product creator, software developer, a loving wife and mom of two furry pals. Since 2010, Debbie has been helping authors and product creators market and become authorities in their specific niches. She uses the power of video marketing and simple, straight-to-the-point content to get that done.


When Debbie’s not writing and filming videos, she is active playing sports, exercising, and probably learning some kind of new skill, such as playing the drums and saxophone. Debbie’s formula for success in life is her mix of a go-getter attitude coupled with tremendous heart and determination, which she applies to everything she does.


She believes superpowers are made and not born. Put your mind to something, and you will achieve success. It’s really that simple.


Debbie’s newest book Read Better Faster has already become a #1 bestseller on Amazon in Literacy and several other bestseller lists.




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