Email marketing is the most effective and profitable marketing strategy today. Period.

Two weeks ago, I did a marketing test with the launch of my newest book The Book Marketing Bible.

I only promoted the book with one single email to my list.

No review requests, no social media, no blogging, no video trailer, no interviews, no word of mouth, nothing. I didn’t tell a soul I had published the book, other than my wonderful email subscribers.

Three hours after I sent the email, here’s what happened…

book marketing bible #1 authorship bestseller

The book became a #1 bestseller in Authorship!

Notice the book had ZERO reviews. Not a single review. Not a single social media post, blog post, or interview. No media, no video trailer, nothing. Just one email.

That’s the power of email.

I’ve never seen someone create a #1 bestseller with just social media, or just blogging, or just video… but anyone with an email list of more than 1,000 people knows that you can sell a lot of books with one email, and you can sell them quickly (within a few hours, you’ll usually notice a big boost in sales and Amazon sales ranking.)

That’s why email is the #1 most powerful marketing strategy in the world right now, and it’s why every author and small business owner should start building an email list.

How to Build Your Email List

If you want to start building your email list like a pro, you’re going to need an autoresponder.

There are two decent ones you can get for free: and

If you’ve got a little marketing budget, I’d recommend or instead – starting at just $15/m, you’ll get better deliverability and customization with one of these options compared to the free autoresponders.

If you don’t know what an autoresponder is or how to use one, don’t worry! I’ve created a free training video series on email marketing. You can watch it below. No opt-in required!

Got any questions about email marketing? Just post them below and I’ll be happy to help!