Where does money come from?

Contrary to what you read in most sales letters and marketing websites, money doesn’t come from some super secret marketing system or push-button software.

Unless you own a bank and have a license to print money, all your money comes from one place: other people.

If you want to earn more money, the only place you can get it from is other people.

There are a couple ways you can do it.

1) You can try to lie, cheat, and steal it.

Long-term, this strategy is likely to have you end up in jail, or worse. Definitely not recommended.

2) You can earn it by helping people.

If you want to earn more money legally and ethically, it’s pretty darn simple. Give someone something they would gladly pay you for. This is your product or service.

People pay for what they want and what they need.

When I was a kid, I used to mow lawns around the neighborhood and get paid for it. Mowing lawns was hard work, but selling the service was frickin’ easy. Why? Because people wanted it.

There are only two ways to earn more money: sell more, or raise your prices while keeping your customers.

Selling More

Ask yourself, “How can I help more people solve their problems?”

Raising Your Prices

Ask yourself, “How can I add more value to my customers such that they would be willing to pay me more money?”

I guarantee if you write down these two questions, lock yourself in a room with no distractions, and THINK for an hour, you’ll find more than enough opportunities to earn more money and increase your income by helping more people and serving your customers better.

You don’t earn more money by focusing on shady marketing strategies and cutting-edge software. You do it by helping people.

If your marketing strategies help you help more people, that’s great. If not, it’s just a waste of time.