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Even though most Quora users don’t know it, Quora has a LOT of functionality on the site.

Many of these features are incredibly helpful if you know about them.

Many of these features will save you time, some will help you find information faster, and others are just really cool or interesting.

1. Search page

You can search for any questions, answers or topics on Quora.


2. Monitor Questions

Monitoring questions is a great way to stay in the loop if you want to learn more about a specific topic. It’s also a great way to spy on the competition and see how they’re answering questions.


3. Manage Topics

By managing a topic, you can add aliases, merge two topics that are the same, delete topics, and more.


4. Answer Change Log

Quora keeps a log of all changes to answers. Some users don’t like it, but it provides a lot of transparency and openness to the system. It can also help keep users from stealing other people’s ideas, or crowdsourcing responses, to make their answer appear the best or most comprehensive.

5. User endorsements page

You can endorse other users on Quora, and they can endorse you. This rarely used feature can be a great way to get more exposure and add credibility to your Quora profile. See www.quora.com/Tom-Corson-Knowles/endorsements

6. Redirecting Questions and Answers

You can redirect questions and/or answers on Quora. This is useful if there are two questions that are basically the same. Generally, you should redirect the question with the least answers to the question with the most answers.

You can also redirect answers if you feel that answer is applicable to a different question.

7. Mark as Best Answer

You can mark an answer as Best Answer and that will feature that answer at the top, as well as let people know it’s the best answer.

8. Editing Questions, and Question Details

You can edit your questions and question details at any time. If you’re not getting any good answers, try changing the question or adding in question details that might help potential answering members!

Answer Summaries

If you get a lot of great answers to your question, you can add the main highlights in an Answer Summary, which will then appear just under the question and above the answers. This can help other users get the information a lot faster rather than reading through all the answers.

9. Not For Reproduction

Quora has a settings button under each of your answers. If you click it, there’s an option to mark your answer as “Not for Reproduction.” If you mark it not for reproduction, you will have to give a reason why you don’t want the answer reproduced. Then, the words “Not for Reproduction” will appear next to your answer.

Your reason for making it Not for Reproduction will be shown in your answer log as well. For example, if you’re sharing your trademarked system for a process in your answer, you might not want others sharing that information outside of Quora. This gives intellectual property holders more flexibility and control over your content you post on Quora which is a great improvement over some other social networks.

10. Browsing Best Answers

Click on any topic and on the topic page you’ll find a “best answers” section. This section usually contains truly inspired stuff. If you ever find yourself with some free time, you should go to topics that interest you on Quora and read the best questions.

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