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Video #2. Setting Up Your Author Central Profile and Author Biography on Amazon

In this video, we discuss:

  • Why you need to set up your Author Central Profile on Amazon.
  • Make sure to set up your Author Central Profile for the United States and United Kingdom.
  • Set up your US profile here: (Click Join Now if you’ve never created an Author Central account before in the US store.)
  • Set up your UK profile here: (Click Join Now if you’ve never created an Author Central account before in the UK store.)
  • Fill out your author biography, upload at least one picture of yourself, and claim all your books that are currently published on Amazon.
  • When a new book of yours is published, make sure to log back in to your Author Central account and claim them.

Video #3. Kindle Countdown Deals vs. Free Book Promotions

In this video, we discuss the differences between Kindle Countdown Deals and KDP Select Free Book Promotions for ebooks, and why we’re starting to do a lot more Kindle Countdown Deals and less Free Book Promotions.

Right now, we’re scheduling most of our Kindle Countdown Deals for a full 7 days (168 hours) at a $0.99 price point to maximize sales, reviews, and exposure during your book launch. At the end of the Kindle Countdown Deal promotion, the price of your  ebook will return to its normal retail price, and we will begin price testing to help maximize your royalties.

You should promote your book as much as possible on the first day of the promotion. This means sending an email to your list, sharing a link to your book on social media, and getting the word out to your network about your new book being on sale for just 99 cents. The more sales you can generate on the first day of your promotion, the better your book will sell for the duration of your promotion and the better your chances of becoming a #1 bestselling author on Amazon.

Video #4. How to Get Book Reviews on Amazon Before Your Book Launch

In this video, we’ll talk about one of the most important things you can do as an author when it comes to marketing your  books on Amazon: getting reviews.

As a TCK Publishing client, we’ll send you a customized list of Amazon reviewers who have reviewed books similar to yours. All you have to do is reach out to these reviewers and ask if they’d be interested in reviewing your book. Watch the video for more details and instructions on how to get reviews for your books.

We recommend aiming for at least five reviews on Amazon before your first book promotion. This will help ensure you sell the most books possible during your promotion and become a bestseller as quickly as possible.

Video #5. Focus on Your Marketing Strengths

In this video, we talk about getting really focused on using your time to market your books most effectively for you.

There are literally thousands of ways to market a book, but there’s no need to get overwhelmed! Instead of trying to do it all, we recommend focusing on what you love to do and are good at.

If you love public speaking and are good at it, we recommend using that format primarily for your marketing. You could do public lectures, keynote speaking, teach seminars or workshops, record videos, or do podcast, radio or TV interviews.

If you love writing regularly and are good at it, you might want to focus on blogging regularly, writing guest posts for other blogs in your niche, or writing articles for magazines and other print media.

In other words, find what you’re great at and stay focused on using your strengths for marketing. There is no “best” marketing strategy for all authors. The best marketing strategy for you is going to depend on your strengths, skills and values. All good marketing is consistent marketing. If you love what you do every day, then you will continue to do it for months and years to come. It’s that kind of consistency in your marketing that will set you apart from everyone else in your field.

Watch the video below for more on how to focus on your strengths when it comes to marketing your books.

Video #6. How to Use HARO to Sell More Books and Get Free Publicity and Exposure

In this video, we discuss how to use HARO (Help a Reporter Out) to get free exposure and publicity and help you sell more books.

HARO is a free service where you can sign up for daily leads from journalists and reporters in your field. When you see a query from a journalist that you can provide useful information about, all you have to do is respond to the email and you may be featured in their article, interview, blog post or other media.

Video #7. What to Do About Negative Reviews on Amazon

Getting negative reviews and criticism comes with success in any field. Find out what to do when you get a negative review, and how you can use negative reviews and feedback to help improve your book and your skills as an author and writer.

Video #8. How To Create Good Nonfiction Book Titles That Will Help You Sell More Books

In this video, we discuss how to come up with great nonfiction book titles that will actually help you sell more books. There’s an entire art and science to coming up with a good book title, and you’re about to learn more about that.

When you’re working on creating a book title, make sure you realize that it is a process, not a procedure. It often takes several days, weeks or even months to come up with a great book title. Be patient, work through the process, and always write down any title ideas that come to you.

Watch the video below to learn more.

 Video #9. How to Create Bestselling Fiction Book Titles

In this video, we discuss how to come up with great fiction book titles that will actually help you sell more books.

We do things a bit differently than most publishers, so make sure you watch this video and learn more about creating a fiction book title.

Video #10. Understanding the Marketing Formula and the Lifetime Value of Your Customers (Readers)

In this video, we discuss the Marketing Formula that every author should know, how to calculate the lifetime value of your customers, how to increase your income as an author, and much more!

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More Great Marketing Resources and Opportunities for Authors

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  • Interviews generally are posted 3-6 weeks from the time of submission.
  • Great flexibility with this option. Highlight your book. Talk about what inspires you.
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