After investing $100,000 in a college degree from the #1 ranked undergraduate Entrepreneurship program in the US, I soon realized I needed to start studying marketing even more intensely if I actually wanted to get good at marketing so I could build my own successful business from scratch.

Over the past five years since I graduated, I’ve invested another $100,000+ in books, seminars, workshops, and educational programs on business and marketing. You name it, I’ve done it (and read it) from Peak Potentials Training to the Landmark Forum to Think and Grow Rich and just about every other bestselling business book and seminar course out there.

What I learned after all that time and money spent studying marketing is that it all really just boils down to the Six Key Foundations of Marketing. Everything else I learned was either a short-term strategy or another form of one of these Six Key Foundations.

Watch the slideshow below to learn these Six Key Foundations of Marketing to take your marketing education to the next level, and save yourself $100,000 or so in the process.

I created this slideshow based on the Six Key Foundations of Marketing from my newest book, the #1 Amazon bestseller The Book Marketing Bible.

The Book Marketing Bible by Tom Corson-Knowles

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