Crime Fiction Short Story

I’ve been eager to start publishing fiction books in various genres for a few months and am so glad we’ve finally published our first fiction book! It’s called Panamanian StompersIt’s an hilarious short story of a crime gone wrong mixed in with some man-eating fish. It’s a great story and a lot of fun and we’re really proud of it. The book was written by one of our newer publishing clients.

We haven’t even promoted the book yet and it’s already #67,832 in the Kindle store and #39 on the Fiction > Media Tie-In bestsellers list on Amazon.

Panamanian Stompers will be available for free from Feb. 4th to 8th only on Amazon Kindle. Until then, it’s just 99 cents so if you can’t wait to fall out of your chair laughing you can start reading it now!

How To Publish Your Fiction Book

If you’ve written a fiction or nonfiction book and are looking for a publishing, find out how easy it is to publish your book here.