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Ian Ippolito founded Rent-A-Coder (now vWorker) and grew the company to millions of dollars a year in sales. vWorker is one of the leading websites in the world that connects businesses and entrepreneurs with high quality freelancers, contractors, and virtual assistants. In this interview, Ian shares his most valuable tips and ideas for success.

Ian first got the idea to become an entrepreneur selling egg rolls with his mom to raise money for charity, but it was years later before he started his first business. One of his first businesses was creating and selling software online, which was a cool idea but didn’t really solve a problem for his customers, and that business soon failed.

After that, he started Planet Source Code, an advertising-driven website, but the Internet Crash in 2000 obliterated that business.

A few years later, he created vWorker (which was originally called Rent-A-Coder), one of the first websites that connected freelancers with business owners and entrepreneurs. He founded the company from the bedroom of his house. Now, they’ve had to change offices three times to keep up with their staffing needs as the company has grown.

Here are some of the great ideas Ian shares in this interview:

  • How becoming an entrepreneur will forever change your perspective on life and what’s most important to you.
  • How Ian became “unemployable.”
  • How self-control and willpower is the foundation for success, and how to develop yourself and become emotionally and mentally stronger.
  • The huge benefits of delayed gratification (and how to become rich).
  • Some amazing insights into persistence, perseverance and progress.
  • How to start over when you fail and create success even in the face of disaster and financial loss.

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