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This spelling quiz was designed by our editors to challenge even the best spellers. If you get all 16 questions right without using a dictionary or Google, you’re in the top 2.5% of spellers!


Here are some of our top tips for learning how to spell better and improve your spelling test results…

How to Do Better on a Spelling Quiz


Learning how to spell words correctly requires concentration and focus.


1. Get Curious About Words


Great spellers are curious and interested to learn new words, and to learn the correct spelling for any words they’re not sure how to spell.


2. Practice Spelling


Every time you see a new word or make a mistake, learn from your experience. Spend 15 seconds recounting the proper spelling of the word in your mind.


3. Read More Good Writing


The more you read great books and high-quality blogs, the more you’ll learn by seeing new words and correct spelling. Don’t read trashy books or blogs that are filled with typos and errors.


4. Write a Spelling List


Write down the proper spelling for words you have misspelled in the past. The practice of writing down the proper spelling will help ingrain the memory of that word in different neurons in your brain, leading to longer-term memory improvement.


5. Practice Writing


One of the best ways to improve your spelling is to practice writing. You don’t have to be an author or genius to write. You can simply write about your own life experiences, keep a journal, write poetry, or just write down the random thoughts that come to your mind.


The more you write, the faster you will learn to spell, and the better you will be at communicating (which is a very important skill in life).