Michelle Booth, aka Michelle Campbell-Scott, is the author of Goodreads for Authors and several other books. She is an expert on marketing and promotional strategies for self published and independent authors.

In today’s show, she shares some great tips on marketing and increasing your income as a self published author, including publishing your book in paperback and audiobook format, as well as some great free and low-cost marketing strategies for authors.

Here are a few things Michelle and I discuss on the show:

  • Why publishing your books on different platforms and in different formats is a great way to expand your distribution and earn more income through increased book sales and exposure.
  • Why publishing your eBooks in print with CreateSpace or Lightningsource is a great idea (print on demand publishing (POD) is a powerful tool for indie authors).
  • Why you should consider publishing audiobooks to increase your income.
  • How to think creatively about your work and other streams of income, from freelancing to unique promotion strategies and more.
  • Why Goodreads is a powerful way to sell more books, and how to use the world’s largest social media site for authors to make a name and an author platform for yourself.

Watch Michelle’s free training on how to format your book for CreateSpace to publish it as a paperback.

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