Book Marketing Admin (Full-Time Position)





What We Do


TCK Publishing is an international publisher specializing in mass market trade book publishing. We publish fiction and non-fiction eBooks, print books, and audiobooks in all major genres and niches.

We’re different from other book publishers because we provide ongoing coaching, training, and support for our authors.

We also help writers, authors, and bloggers learn the skills they need to build a profitable and fulfilling life-long career through our blog posts, podcasts, online courses.

By empowering writers with industry-leading resources, tools, and training, our authors, students, and readers are able to achieve their dreams in life while making a positive impact through their work.


We help writers earn a full-time income doing what they love.


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Our Values


Making a Difference

We believe authors, writers, and storytellers provide the sturdy foundation for our culture. We serve authors as best as we can so they can serve the world more effectively.


We believe honesty is always the best policy. We always speak our truth, even when it’s scary, uncomfortable, or downright painful. We know that people learn and grow better when they get honest feedback.


We’re passionate about life and we love to learn. If you love to read, learn new things, come up with new ideas, and test out new theories about how the world works, you’ll fit right in.


We know that long-term relationships lead to long-term success in life and business. We are committed to our team members and our authors, and we invest in building lifelong relationships so that we can all grow stronger and wiser together.


We value the freedom to work when we want, where we want, and how we want. This gives us the ability to spend more time with our family and friends. We don’t waste time commuting or dealing with bureaucratic rules so that we can have a bigger impact in the world while living a great lifestyle.


Book Marketing Admin (Full-Time Position)


We are looking for a highly organized Marketing Outreach Assistant for our book publishing company.

This job requires excellent English writing skills. We provide ongoing professional training and support.


  • Work from home so you don’t have to commute!
  • Choose your work hours whenever you want (40-60 hours per week – you choose)
  • Fast growing company with promotion opportunities and bonuses for excellent performers and diligent workers
  • You will learn a LOT about online marketing
  • Challenging work with great people so you’ll never be bored!
  • and much, much more…


  • Highly organized
  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Motivated to constantly learn and improve
  • Willing to work hard and take responsibility for doing excellent work
  • Out of the box thinking

The Position:

  • Assist us in marketing outreach campaigns by creating lists of potential customers or clients, finding their contact information and sending them emails to connect and build relationships
  • Implement our written, documented marketing tasks every day
  • Increase our book sales by promoting our books to influencers, journalists, book reviewers, and the media
  • Create and maintain databases of contacts and outreach efforts

This is a full-time, virtual position. You can work from anywhere as long as you have access to high-speed internet, Skype video chat, and a phone.