A few months ago we created a list of free Kindle book promotion sites which is great for authors who want to promote your free books during KDP Select free promotions or if you just have an eBook that’s always free.

But if you’ve been looking for some paid advertising options for promoting your paid Kindle books so you can start making money right away from royalties and ebook sales, then you’ll love this list of the best book promotion services even more. I can’t personally vouch for each of these eBook promotion services, but it’s a great place to start when looking for places to promote your book.

The list is organized in a very specific order – the sites at the top of the list have the most traffic while those at the bottom have the least amount of traffic based on the Alexa Rank. This is very important, because a book promotion site that charges $50 for their book promotion service but gets almost no traffic is almost certainly going to become an unprofitable investment for the author.

The number following the Site link is the Alexa Ranking. The lower the Alexa Ranking, the more traffic the site gets, meaning the more readers your book has the potential to be exposed to, depending on the advertising package.

Book Marketing Sites

List of Paid Book Promotion Sites

BookBub 7,119
Many Books 49,601
Get Free Ebooks 74,623
Ereader News Today 136,867
Obooko 142,537
Read Cheaply 181,789
Kindle Nation Daily 199,518
Awesome Gang  232,729
Author Marketing Club 253,130
Book Goodies 261,243
The Kindle Book Review 321,059
Book Daily 323,728
Ebook Stage  359,935
The Independent Author Network 376,077
The Fussy Librarian 389,123
Buck Books 407,319
BookRunes 523,668
Books Butterfly 598,873
Daily Free eBooks 736,060
Free Discounted Books  769,856
Fire and Ice Book Tours  1,013,595
The Women’s Nest 1,020,007
Kindle Book Promos 1,082,605
Bargain eBook Hunter 1,119,976
Just Kindle Books 1,165,322
StoryFinds 1,230,018
GoodKindles 1,262,774
Steamy Romance Books 1,268,706
Bookbear 1,430,451
Book Deal Hunter 1,695,513
The Wall of Books 3,215,201
Kufads 3,602,496
Bibliotastic 3,789,881
Zwoodle Books 3,925,368
The Wall of Books  6,612,641
Spoiled Reader  6,639,200

Note: The Alexa Rankings for all the above sites were last updated on March 30, 2016.

Why These Sites are Great for Book Marketing

One of the best things about using an eBook promotion service like the ones listed in this article is that they make it really easy to find readers. Rather than hoping, wishing and praying that someone will read your Tweet or Facebook post and buy your book, you can go directly to a massive website like BookBub and get your book in front of hundreds of thousands and even millions of readers who can’t wait to read books like yours.

That’s smart book marketing!

Keep in mind that all these major book promotion sites only promote eBooks, not print books or audiobooks. That means you have to have your book available in eBook format on Amazon Kindle, and possibly available for sale on other eBook retailer platforms like Nook, iBooks, Kobo and Google Play.

If you also have a print book or audiobook version of your book for sale, that’s great too. However, in my experience, these book promotion services almost never increase your sales for the print book or audiobook. For example, when we used a BookBub promotion to sell over 2,000 eBook copies of David Katz’ Science Fiction novel Round Trip in a single day, we didn’t sell a single paperback copy of the book that same day.

Why Don’t We List More Book Promotion Sites?

You may have seen other lists with hundreds of book promotion sites, but in my experience most of them are worthless. Besides BookBub and BuckBooks, few promotion sites can send you more than a dozen sales, and the vast majority of book promotion sites did not produce a single sale when we tested them.

We don’t think a bigger list of book promotion sites is what you need since the vast majority of them will simply waste your money and your time.

How Much Does a Book Promotion Site Cost?

Each book promotion site has their own unique pricing policy, and most authors simply decide on which promotion sites to use based on the price tag. Following this approach is likely going to cost you a lot of money and make you sell less books as well.

At TCK Publishing, we track every single book promotion we do, and we analyze the actual cost per sale of each promotion site. That’s because it doesn’t matter how much you pay for a book promotion site: what really matters is how much you pay relative to the results you get.

In other words, it’s better to pay $100 to sell 100 books (at a cost of $1 per sale in advertising cost) rather than paying $10 to sell 5 books (a cost of $2 per sale in advertising). Even though the price tag for the $10 book promotion site is much cheaper, it’s actually twice as expensive as the $100 promotion!

So make sure when you pay for a book promotion that you track the results you get, and don’t keep using book promotion sites that are too expensive in terms of how much it costs you to get a sale with that site.

If you end up paying more than $2 per sale for a 99 cent or free book with a book promotion site, you’re getting ripped off (because you’ll never earn a profit paying $2 to sell a 99 cent book on which you’ll only earn $0.70 in royalties).

What You Should Do Next

Schedule a promotion with BookBub and Buck Books (they work for just about every genre and niche). Then check to see if there are specific book promotion sites that target readers in your specific niche or subgenre.

There are a few genre-specific book promotion sites out there (especially for Romance) that can help bring in 10-100 sales or so, and these can be a great place to promote your book if the pricing is fair.

How to Use Buck Books Promotion Service

Despite Buck Books not ranking so well in the Alexa Rankings, we’ve found they’re still the 2nd largest book promotion site when it comes to actually sending new book readers and sales with anywhere from a few dozen to a few hundred sales per promotion.

You can read more about how Buck Books works here.

How to Use BookBub to Promote Your Book

Want to learn more about Book Bub, the world’s biggest book promotion site for authors? Read more here about how to set up your BookBub author profile to help you sell more books.

More Book Advertising Sites

Know any other great resources for authors to market and advertise their books? Please post your comment below and let us know! I’ll be happy to update the list.

Want to Promote Your Free Book Instead?

Check out our ultimate list of free book promotion sites for Kindle here.

Check out our review of Buck Books eBook promotion site here.

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