Author Summer Watson-Bourne

Summer Watson-Bourne PhotoWhen people ask me what I do, I find it hard to answer because I have had so many different incarnations in my life, from being the company director of a Project Management Consultancy to working as a House Therapist. Now I just say that I am a Life Analyst. In fact, looking back over the past few decades I can see that that is exactly what I have been – someone who has dived into many aspects of life and come out with an understanding of the bigger picture. I adore research. I research anything that piques my interest to within an inch of its life because I love discovering what makes things work and why they are the way they are. I have become an observer of life and now write books that I hope will help other people understand this world better and express who they truly are in a safe and beautiful way.

I started out my professional life as a production engineer which, back in the eighties, was quite a radical thing for a woman to do. However, I didn’t stay in engineering for long as my creative side was spotted, and I ended up being a copywriter for a large technical company and later self-employed as a freelancer. For a short while, I was also a PR consultant working on technical accounts in the City of London. All of this happened before I was 26.

For some years I ran the Project Management Consultancy with my partner but then I hit my thirties and things started to change quickly. I was in the fortunate position that I earned enough money from the company to only have to work around two days a week and so, for the next ten years, I explored personal growth with a fierce hunger. This meant not only healing my own past and an abusive childhood, but also studying many spiritual paths and therapies. Some of the things I saw during this time I still find incredible, but not only did I learn a lot about myself and what makes people tick in general, I also began to develop interesting abilities that enable me to read the energies of people and places. This led to working as a House Therapist, somebody who can sense the energy blueprint of a house and how it is affecting the life of the people living in it.

Then, around the same time that the world went into an economic collapse in 2007, I went into a health collapse which turned out to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This took me out of the mainstream world for around 6 years. During this time, I say that I was a visitor to the asylum of life rather than an inmate. This meant that I was able to observe the world in an objective way and see the real bigger picture and the amazing changes that are unfolding at this time.

And so, I am now an author and a speaker and hope that I can help other people benefit from what I have learned on my journey and so shine their unique light in the world and have the amazing life that they so deserve.

With love and respect,



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