Author Jonas Warstad

Jonas Warstad Nonfiction AuthorA deep thinker and keen observer of human nature, Jonas Warstad has been studying individual and group behavior and workplace dynamics for over 20 years.

Jonas say, “For as long as I remember I have been an avid reader of books on popular psychology, popular science, body language, positive thinking, philosophy, meditation, unexplained mysteries, the power of the mind and various healing modalities—anything that expanded my inner world and explained the outer world.”

“I have always been interested in the unknown. The unfathomable. The mysteries of the mind. Secret Knowledge. As a free thinker I was never really interested in any ‘formal’ psychology training; I was more interested in strategic thinking, psychological tactical skills, and secret mental tricksall in order to find the ‘magic phrase’ or ‘magic way’ to deal with all sorts of people. I believe my interest in dealing with people has to do with the fact that I recognize myself all too well in the typical traits for HSP (Highly Sensitive Person). Through harsh ‘reality checks’ I have also come to realize that I suffer from what is commonly known as ‘face blindness’ (Prosopagnosia). This means that I have the questionable ability to talk with someone, and afterward I would be unable to describe or draw their face using any details at all other than to say, ‘well, she had lips, eyes, long hair, a nose, and two ears.’ Therefore, my main lasting impressions of people have always been emotional impressions, such as their mood, or their likes and dislikes (I can often recall if a person likes pears or a specific movie or song years after a conversation). Interestingly, several relatives of mine, both on my father’s and my mother’s side, are also more or less ‘psychic’ in various ways. I myself have never had the ability to ‘see’ or ‘hear’ things in that way (I wish I could see the winning Lottery numbers!), but I guess my general sensitivity is tuned up, for good and for bad.”

In recent years he started to study a new range of “self-improvement” methods and techniques. He has studied books, distance courses, and seminars in body language, micro-facial expressions, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), life coaching, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Law of Attraction, hypnosis, and energy medicine as well as various self defense techniques.

Nowadays Jonas is also a part time instructor in many of these techniques. “While this may sound like I try to know everything, it is in fact no more than my never-ending curiosity about how to improve one’s life. Having a broad knowledge puts things in a bigger perspective, and makes me realize how everything is connected,” says Jonas.

Jonas is the bestselling author of The Psychopath Exposed, The Bully Exposed, and Dealing With Angry Co-Workers.