Author David Katz

Author David KatzDavid Katz has had an amazingly varied career. He has been a teacher of meditation, a university dean, and an entrepreneur in fields including telecommunications and biotechnology. He lived for a time on remote Pacific islands of the little known Lau group. He founded and ran a pearl farm in the Marshall Islands. But the work that currently occupies his time is writing.

His first novel, Round Trip, is a light-hearted yet deeply thought-provoking exploration of some of the mysteries of the human condition and spirit. Told from the perspective of agents from Trans Galactic Travel Agency, it asks the question, “How is it possible that travelers returning from this beautiful planet complain that the trip was not up to their expectations?” Round Trip has been called a life-changing, mind-altering classic.

His second novel, Conspiracy, delves into the hidden mysteries of a different field: power and politics. A team of amateur spies set out to learn who really pulls the strings behind the stage of world events. The answers they uncover are stranger and more frightening than the imaginings of the most paranoid conspiracy theorists.

Katz lives on the island of Kauai, where he claims to be gathering material for his next book.