Author Daphna Slonim

Daphna Slonim PhotoDr. Daphna Slonim is a board certified psychiatrist practicing in Beverly Hills since 1984. She is the medical director of D.S.A. Medical Clinic. She was a co-director of a NATO project in 2007, teaching psychologists how to effectively treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder using energy psychology. In July, 2010, she again participated in another NATO seminar in Istanbul, Turkey, presenting her technique on how to remove subconscious sabotage to enhance and expedite healing.

Dr. Slonim graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tel Aviv University Medical School, Israel, in 1974. She received a grant from the French government to spend a year in Paris doing research in psychopharmacology with the famous Professor Pierre Deniker. She also worked for one year in a neurological ward in Tel Aviv. She graduated with a diploma in psychotherapy after a three-year course of study, and underwent three years of didactical Jungian analysis. After six years of residency Dr. Slonim passed the psychiatric board exams in Israel after 1980 and came to Los Angeles.

She did a fellowship in psychiatry in L.A. County at USC in 1982 and published an article about the treatment of psychiatric problems with Homeopathy. Dr. Slonim then completed psychiatric residency at UCLA Sepulveda VA Medical Center and completed requirement to become Board Certified in the U.S.

In her practice Dr. Slonim used a variety of Energy Psychology, including Touch for Health, Behavioral Kinesiology, Reconnection, N.E.T, Matrix Energetic, E.F.T., Modified EMDR, Psycho-Kinesiology and more.

In her 40 years of practice Dr. Slonim has treated people with symptoms of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.  She was successful in her practice, but became much more successful since she started using energy muscle testing to detect the presence of subconscious sabotage for healing. This lead her to develop her own techniques on how to successfully help her patients get rid of self-sabotaging behaviors.

Her eBook How to Remove Self Sabotage to Financial Success with 2 DVDs and a CD, expands on using Dr. Slonim’s unique Sabotage Correction Technique (SCT) in order to achieve abundance.

Dr. Slonim specializes in trauma care. She closely works with MashabimTraumaCenter, in Israel, working with veterans. She first removes self sabotage to help clear the trauma. Then she uses her own modification to Donna Eden’s Eye Pattern Release. She calls this technique Visual Field/Kinesiology.

Dr. Slonim has helped hundreds of people to detect and eliminate whatever subconscious blocks they had and to achieve their goals. She was interviewed on dozens of radio shows addressing how to detect and remove different aspects of self sabotage related to health, relationship, weight, sex, money, career and more.

Dr. Slonim lectures and conducts workshops in Beverly Hills. She was an instructor at the Canadian Energy Psychology International Convention in Toronto in October, 2012.

She is the author of Astral Psychiatry and Astral Psychology.