Author Cassandra Lane

My name is Vivian Torres. My pen name is Cassandra Lane. I am an Industrial Engineer with over 25 years experience in the health care industry. I’ve worked in hospitals, for physician practices, owned a cost containment agency that worked with international insurance companies and recently owned a home health agency in the state of Florida.

Throughout my career, I have maintained very high performance standards and values demonstrated by my:

desire for continued education and knowledge,

ongoing efforts to improve upon processes, systems and customer satisfaction, and

contribution and commitment to the seniors in our community

I am passionate about writing fiction and non-fiction. My first book, Like Kindred Spirits, is a fiction romance story that takes place between the late 1800 and middle 1900. It deals with the issues of a bi-racial couple that love each other but the challenges in their way prevent them from being together. I am currently working on other fiction, fiction for children and non-fiction books, My Non Fiction books will be dedicated to people that are looking at finding good care for their parents. I am part of the sandwich generation where I care for my 10 year old child and for my 80 year old mom. There are so many benefits and alternatives for the elderly and I want to be a liaison that can make our journey of caring simpler and more productive. After my father passed from Alzheimer’s and having owned a home health agency, I know the tribulations associated with ensuring adults make the best decisions for their parents well being. I hope I can make a positive difference in people’s life.

Cassandra Lane is the author of Separation and Baby Sasha.